Flashback Scenes Confirmed for the First Time in Game of Thrones Season 5

By Jacob Klein on Oct 16, 2014 to Game of Thrones

“[For Game of Thrones] we set a rule: No prophecies, dreams or flashbacks. We failed the first two and this season the third. So yes, this season will finally have flashbacks.”

That was David Benioff and Dan Weiss revealing that, despite the long-standing rule on the set of the world’s most popular fantasy program, Game of Thrones will now feature flashback scenes starting in season 5.


Why is this a big deal? Book readers know that prophecies, dreams and flashbacks play a huge role in fleshing out the world of Westeros.  Much of the lore and information we have on our favorite characters came from flashback chapters within A Song of Ice and Fire. In fact, it’s been a rather odd omission from the series thus far with plenty of amazing scenes being skipped due to this rule. We did get to see Danny and Bran’s prophecies/dreams respectively so why not a flashback or two in 2015?

Imagine on screen: The Tower of Joy, A glimpse into Tyrion’s past with his father, Tywin, maybe we’ll see Eddard Stark one more time— or something totally new that wasn’t even in the books!  The possibilities are endless but we want to know what YOU would like to see when Game of Thrones season 5 airs next spring.

Note that they did say flashbacks, in the plural sense so perhaps there will be more than one! EW couldn’t confirm more than one but right now the thought is that the opening scene of Game of Thrones season 5 will, indeed be a flashback of some kind.

We’d like to hear what your thoughts are on this change, and what possible scenes you’d like to see from Westeros’ storied past. Leave us a comment below with your initial inklings.

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Young Rhaegar would be good also the battle of the bells would be good to see and an opportunity to see Ned stark again with Robert….and maybe something to do with the wildlings and mance ryder and some of that history….but i think a lot of it will be seen through Bran and the crows and the trees so my guess a lot of the flashbacks will have to be about Winterfell

I would love to see the Tower of Joy and how beautiful Ned’s sister was, but I’m thinking we won’t see that until we learn who Jon Snow’s parents are (if, indeed, they are R + L = J; forgive the need to use initials as I don’t want to give away spoilers for those unaware of what R + L = J means). Seeing the Battle of the Bells and the Battle of the Trident would be awesome. It would be fantastic to see Robert and Ned stopping Baelon Greyjoy’s rebellion, two, as that would bring in Ser Jorah,… Read more »

Tower of Joy , that’s what i want to see

As someone who has read the books, I know why flashbacks are necessary this season. Its to do with Cersai and her motivations that lead to her highly anticipated nude scene this season.

Alright, alright! I have a FEW requests, in terms of flashbacks. I’d like to see a young Cersei and Maggy the Frog, along with the 2 friends that Cersei had with her during a foretelling; I’d like to see Ned Stark in flashback by the way of Lyanna and the Tower of Joy; a young Tywin and Joanna Lannister would be amazing; perhaps a dose of Rhaegar Targaryen and a young Robert Baratheon. I am pleased that flashbacks will finally be part of Season 5. Wonder what other flashback sequences fans would like to see?

Well the “Maggy The Frog” flashback is as good as confirmed, as casting for her role was announced quite some time ago. Jeyne fled at the sight of Maggy´s yellow eyes, so I don´t think they will cast anyone for her role. But I agree, they have to cast Melara Hetherspoon, so Cercei has someone to push down the well! XD I for one, do not want a flashback to The Tower of Joy. Not yet at least. Introducing such a flashback would have a major impact on the story as a whole, and I think it´s still way too… Read more »

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