First VEEP Season 2 Teaser

By Jacob Klein on Jan 13, 2013 to Veep

The Vice President is back in the second comfiest chair in the land this April when Veep returns for Season, according to the latest teaser that aired tonight before the premiere of Girls. This is the first time we’ve seen Julia Louise-Dreyfus since last year. You don’t get much but we can now confirm that the sophomore season will air in April!

We’ll update our HBO premiere schedule when we have an exact date.

  • Ryan

    APRIL?!?! We want it sooner!

  • Jef Dinsmore

    I’m glad HBO is not waiting to long to get this series back on the screen. I love the witty banter this show slings around. It is indless fluff, but entertaining as opposed to being grating and anoying.

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