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Teasers & Trailers for Judge’s SILICON VALLEY

By Jacob Klein on Mar 14, 2014 to Silicon Valley

Update Another promotional comes our way for Mike Judge’s SILICON VALLEY debuting 04.06.  It is building up to be a fun don’t-what-to-miss-it kind of comedy! Here is the latest.


 Update: So the teaser was nice but here’s the real deal: an ACTUAL trailer for Silicon Valley!  Check it out and get ready to laugh your pants off.

We’ve been reporting on this show since news first dropped that Mike Judge, creator of such legendary comedies as Office Space, Beavis and Butthead and King of the Kill was coming to HBO for an eight episode run.  The series, Silicon Valley focuses on a group of self-proclaimed sexless, classless geeks as they make their way through the quirky and hilarious world of young tech-entrepreneurship. 

Go back and read some of our past write-ups for more info on the show.  But tonight we’re excited to present to you the first ever teaser trailer for SILICON VALLEY:

Okay, that was short but I admit I laughed at the three jokes contained therein.  What did you think?  April is going to be gang-busters for HBO with Game of Thrones, Veep and now Silicon Valley all debuting that month.  Check this one out on April 6th.

We’re not sure where RE/CODE got this trailer but we’ll post the official one from HBO’s YouTube channel when we get it as we know those tend to work more seamlessly for some users.

UPDATE: The YT version:

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Silicon Valley song “Getting Paid” by Cirious and Deelux 50% of the proceeds donated to cancer research

Song from trailer (i think) is:

Deelux and Cirious “Getting Paid”

Spot on

What’s the name of the song in the trailer?

Really funny.

This looks awesome – hopefully it will be on a channel in the UK!

Where are the women?

Looks awesome!

Looks awesome!

For one I am happy to see the teaser. I was curious of the tone and the characters SILICON VALLEY would have. Now I know and based on this I am more interested in watching this show come April.

I hate to be negative about this. But I didn’t laugh at anything in the trailer/teaser. Especially not little kids acting like they are adults.

Against Game of Thrones this looks Oscarworthy…

Don’t hate to be negative – it looks terrible.


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