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First Trailer: Lilley’s Ja’mie: Private School Girl

By Jacob Klein on Sep 29, 2013 to Chris Lilley


We were blown away when we heard the news of a new Chris Lilley series was coming to HBO.  Not only was it going to take us back to the critically acclaimed and all-around hilarious: High School High characters but the series was set to premiere so soon!  We’ll we’ve seen a screenshot or two but here is the first trailer straight from HBO:

Looks hilarious as ever if you as me. Mark your calendars for November 24th because that’s when Chris Lilley is back on the air at HBO!

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I must admit that I am not on the Chris Lilley bandwagon. I never watched SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH or ANGRY BOYS.

Maybe, if someone wants to fill this post with comments, or better yet, submit a post extolling the virtues of Chris Lilley, I might see the light. If I can be properly convinced that his comedic style is worth a look I can forgo JAM’IE for now and catch up on the pervious series on HBOGO first.

I need to do a Ja’mie post for you, OMG! I’ve seldom laughed so hard at any other shows as I have at Chris Lilley’s!


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