First Promotion For Game of Thrones Season Six Released

By Irene Enlow on Nov 23, 2015 to Game of Thrones

*Warning Spoilers Ahead!*

Is Jon Snow really dead? HBO addressed the question which has been haunting fans of Game of Thrones since the Season Six finale head on with it’s first official Season Six promotional picture which was dropped earlier today. The picture showed everyone’s favorite Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow, battered and bloody…but very much more alive than we saw him last when he was supposedly dying in the snow, betrayed and murdered by his own brothers.  See below for the picture.


While many might consider this a spoiler, seeing as how HBO has plastered the image all over downtown New York, those who still haven’t caught up with Season Six and Jon Snow’s demise are probably going to have a rude awakening. As for whether the image is spoiling Jon Snow’s resurrection or lack of death… We’re not to blame. HBO could simply be capitalizing on a key moment from last season, but I have a feeling there’s more to it than that. There were no promotional pictures of Robb Stark for Season Four when he died in Season Three, despite the fact that his death was one of the defining moments of the season. Likewise, Ned Stark’s face was not on Season Two promotions.In fact, HBO has never used dead characters to promote their new seasons before. Either they are trying out a new marketing technique…or you, know Jon Snow is at least somewhat alive. And honestly, things are pointing in that direction.

Jon Snow’s mortality has been the topic of heavy speculation, but in recent months the fact that the fan-favorite bastard is still alive and kicking has been the worst-kept secret of Game of Thrones‘ productions. First, Kit Harrington, who has never cut his character’s signature shaggy bob, was sighted not once, not twice but multiple times in Belfast, the hub of all things related to filming Game of Thrones. Then, as if that was not enough, Kit was spotted in costume, on the Game of Thrones set.  If that doesn’t make you seriously suspect of HBO’s claims that Jon Snow is dead, despite the fact that even President Obama has been assured of his death, than I’m not sure what will. Then…there’s the fact that those who have read A Song of Ice and Fire and suffered through Jon Snow’s death long before Season Six have been predicting his resurrection for years. All of this seems to suggesting that Jon may indeed not be dead.

So! What else can we take away from this image? Well, it appears that the speculation regarding Game of Thrones premiering later than usual this year after delays in filming is wrong. The poster leaves little doubt that the show will be coming out in April, like always.

It looks like we’ll be learning once and for all what’s up with Jon Snow this coming April. The Game of Thrones season 6 premiere window has just narrowed.  Can’t wait? Pre-order Game of Thrones previous season on DVD.

What are your thoughts? Is this proof that Jon Snow is alive or just another torturous trick on the part of HBO? Comment below!

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remember the hot redheaded witch just showed up there.Im sure she will bring him back to life. She could bring me back to life.Thats for sure

One half of me is thinking that this is just a cruel attempt at making everyone think that Snow is alive and is going to be in the new season and the other half of me is saying that he is dead and this is a picture of him being more dead. Maybe he wasn’t quite dead at the end of the last season and the beginning of this season will see him being finished off? The picture they have chosen is interesting…i just worry its all a big con!

As a book reader, the ending was left ambiguous. I think Jon has a bigger part to play in both the books and the series. With all the social media and lack of privacy, it was only a matter of time before fans and the media saw the sets being built….along with a familiar looking chap, draped in black and curly hair, well, it’s pretty obvious he’s alive. However, as D & D veer off into unknown territory, who knows what the future has in store for Jon Snow?

The seer for one of the kings of the men, the Lord of light she’s got long red hair she sees through fire she brings John snow back to life sincerely Yours truly Debbie Dolce, he’s the king that sacrificed his daughter so he could see his future, but of course the lady with the dragons Cass is going to burn the place down with her dragons are probably get eaten by the two smaller dragons because she didn’t feed them or she stopped feeding them but she has the big one on her side

The daughter he sacrifices was the one with the burnt face a little little pretty girl she was locked in the cage in the dungeon for years because of her face and she read a lot of books he is very smart I still can’t believe that he sacrificed her because you showed a lot of love to her not by locking her up which is kind of cruel as far as I’m concerned but that’s what I think so you’ll just have to see for yourself


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