First new casting for Game of Thrones Season 3

By Jacob Klein on Jun 1, 2012 to Game of Thrones

While not officially announced by HBO, Kerry Ingram tweeted today that she’d recieved a role in Game of Thrones season 3. Kerry has won an Olivier Award for her work on the musical Matilda and worked has also worked in other films. We’re 98.5% confident that Kerry will be playing the role of Shireen, daughter of Stannis Baratheon. She plays but a minor role in the novels but who knows where the Game of Thrones writers may take her part in Season 3 and beyond.  What do you think, readers?  Does she look like the Shireen Baratheon you pictured?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this early casting news!


Here’s the tweet mentioned above:


For more casting speculation check out our article here. We’ll be covering any and all Game of Thrones season 3 casting news as it develops.

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If they’d started making the third series while the second series was still airing, this wait would not have been as long. This was purely a fiscal decision at the executive level. Please don’t mistake all of us for morons.

If you think that it’s disrespectful to the fans than you’re a moron. Do you honestly think they make a show of this caliber in a short amount of time. I don’t like the wait as well but it’s necessary if you want quality. You’re an idiot if you think the wait is a sign of disrespect, in fact it’s sign that they want to make the best show they can. I hate it when people complain about time period when people are working so hard to make a show as good as possible.

I agree the wait might make you lose watchers, people move on to new things every day. I once waited 2-3 years for a 4th season to be made. The wait for it was too long and it lost watchers so they didnt make a 5th season after it.. (i wanted a 5th season) :( lol

I find it absurd, and also a lack of respect for the fans game of thrones, placing third season to debut in April 2013 after one year of the second season that ended in June 2012 now. I think I should return before long before, because if you do not have much estreiarem vain before hearing loss …


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