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First Ever Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Trailer

By Jacob Klein on Apr 1, 2012 to Boardwalk Empire Trailers

HBO surprised us all tonight at the Game of Thrones season 2 premiere! We were expecting the first ever True Blood Season 5 trailer and that obviously blew our minds but they also dropped the first Boardwalk Empire Season 3 trailer as well! We have few details on a new season other than the few interviews the show creators have done recently. Will the series be the same without Jimmy? Can Nucky get his life together and rule the Boardwalk again? Find out this fall and be sure to keep an eye on the HBO series list for the latest on a premiere date.

  • Jefd

    Yes, it was a good little tease. I think it is good course they are on here, even with, or especially because of the loss of Jimmy.

    Got to change the dynamics to keep it exciting and it looks like that is just what will happen in Season 3.

  • Sarah Muller

    Looks like Nucky will be a full on badass this season…Great to see the Boys from New York…and notice how they showed the Tommy guns. I hope to see Richard use one this season. That 30 second tease was better than seeing G.O.T. can’t wait for Boardwalk to be back.

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