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Family Tree Will Not Continue on HBO

By Jacob Klein on Dec 20, 2013 to Family Tree

Sad news to report this weekend as you all head out to see your families.  Jim Piddock, one of the geniuses behind Family Tree tweeted this week that the show will not be appearing on HBO’s air if a second season is made saying:





As I said: Sad News. We’ve very disappointed as many of the writers here at HBOWatch really enjoyed Family Tree. We won’t speculate too much but we will say that HBO’s 2014 lineup is looking rather full this year and there just may not have been room to properly promote, develop and give this series the love it deserves on HBO’s air.

If anything more turns up on Family Tree we’ll let you know. Family Tree season 1 is out on DVD and Blu-Ray now so feel free to relive the laughs this season.


  • tldrkhnsm

    Bring it back!!!

  • amazongirl

    We just finished watching the first season of Family Tree on APrime and we are hooked! We just loved this series!!! WTH is going to happen to everybody? So very sad there is not a season 2. Will another network Please pick up this show and make season two. I miss everyone already :'(

  • Channelgirl

    Piddock: “I know it’s almost unheard of for a show to get such… a passionate fan base not to get an order for a 2nd season.”

    Gee, hasn’t he heard of Firefly?

  • Guest

    I’ve been waiting and waiting for this to return and just read it’s cancelled. So sad. We enjoyed it so much.

  • Kaye Mcgann

    I just discovered the show. I love it. Hilarious improv work. Wish for more episodes…. Please.

  • BigFan

    Really? Really? Where will Monk go???? Hopefully Netflix!!!

  • Michelle Morrissey

    I’m still reeling from the loss… re-watching Season 1 on DVD now. MAN! I wish there was a second season. The ‘family tree’ that Tom was building on his wall looked like we had many more interesting characters to meet… :(

  • Beki

    Bummer I really enjoyed that show! I love the monkey!!

  • BigFan

    Oh no…… What a loss! I loved this show. Someone pick this up!!!!

  • Ariadnesthread

    Alright, ABC, NBC, TMC….here’s your chance to redeem yourselves, and put this show on your line-up. Man, I love this show.

  • Dave

    Sorry to hear this…hope a different network will pick up the show.

  • salinca

    This decision really is a head-scratcher. I’m guessing HBO won’t touch a series if it doesn’t include nudity or blood spilling. Hopefully Netflix will pick it up and put one more nail in HBO’s coffin.

  • AMS

    Wow. I’m heartbroken. I hope they find a different option that works out. Netflix maybe? I love everything about this show!

  • Katekate kate

    Are they crazy???? This is the best show to come out in a decade! Who is running this HBO poop show anyway? Hopefully the show will be a #NetflixSave. Just can’t believe that this show is cancelled when so much garbage stays on for multiple seasons. Why not try and promote your shows properly!!! This is the real problem. I accidentally found Family Tree and fell in love with it instantly. Had HBO properly promoted the show many more would have loved it. Really angry about this…can you tell? ; )

  • Johnstons

    I can’t believe I wrote the wrong name. Forgive me, Monk. ‘Family Tree’ is the show. I was writing about.

  • Johnstons

    We loved this show so much. Please, please find a way to bring ‘Family Ties’ back for more seasons!

  • Good riddance. A ton of even worse shows are still on HBO, though.

  • mwilson21

    I really enjoyed the first season of the show, but I can’t say I’m surprised at this news. Partly because, as has been mentioned, HBO already has a lot on their plate for 2014, but also because the ending of the season felt… Somewhat complete. The show started with Tom Chadwick just kind of drifting through life, having recently come out of a long-term relationship. After he receives the box, it leads him on a journey with friends, family, and complete strangers. eventually meeting Ally. It felt kind like things had come full-circle, somewhat.

    So yeah, disappointed that we won’t be getting another season, but I feel like what we did get works well enough as a kind of mini-series.

    • Ya I think I’d rather see a different Guest/Piddock series anyway! Loved this one but wouldn’t mind a fresh story.

  • Jon B

    This is sad news, indeed! I’m sorry to read this, I’d been looking forward to season 2 of Family Tree.

    • Sounds like they’re looking for another network so keep up hope! We love HBO around this website but I’d follow a great show elsewhere, of course. I’m sure even HBO execs watch non-HBO programming sometimes :)

  • dede

    Family Tree’s ensemble cast , it’s writers, it’s quirky, funny genius is addictive. A bright spot – an escape to a world I NEED.
    This is a HBO mistake. I can hope – please – that another station will realize this gem is a brilliant, laughfest with a faithful fan base that will grow! Give us a chance. (I miss Monk)

    • Katekate kate

      I agree. I almost cried. I just assumed it would be renewed!

      • MAS

        I loved Family Tree and watched each episode multiple times! I just found out that the series will definitely not be renewed at HBO which disappoints me greatly. The characters and plots really amused me. Now that Family Tree is gone, Bill Maher’s Real Time is the only show on HBO that appeals to me.

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