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Ewan McGreggor talks about his New HBO Series – ‘The Corrections’

By Jacob Klein on Mar 8, 2012 to HBO News

Recently actor Ewan McGreggor (Star Wars, Trainspotting) spoke about his upcoming HBO pilot that is predicted to become a full series.  Shooting begins in June but Ewan had this to say about the project:

“It’s lovely writing, Noah and Jonathan Franzen wrote the scripts together, so it’s really good quality stuff. I enjoyed it very much, so if it goes, we’ll go back in June and shoot the series for four months in New York.”

He also spoke to his hesitancy to do TV at all saying: “I did have a one week of kind of ‘Oh my God it’s TV, should I do TV?’ After I went over to meet the director and Jonathan Franzen and Scott Rudin, the producer, I was totally in.  I just think it’s a quality piece of work and having the opportunity to play a character at that length will be really interesting. Over four years, four months of each year I’ll be exploring this guy Chip in that story, so it’ll be great.”

Frazen’s The Corrections is an award winning novel and I can’t wait to give it a read before the series hits the air!  In the book, Chip is a writer and academic who gets mixed up with a Lithuanian crime boss.  McGregor joins a cast that already includes Chris Cooper and Dianne Wiest as the parents.  Here’s the interview from Collider:

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Wow, I wasn’t aware the pilot had already been shot. Sounds like we’ll be getting it sooner than I’d thought, assuming HBO picks it up. Maybe they’re planning on pairing it with Luck next January? That sounds like it’d be about right, going by the timeline that McGreggor talked about.

Seeing Ewan McGreggor every week would bring alot of happiness to women everywhere. Here’s hoping the pilot is a great sucess and it is picked up for a full series.

I don’t know much about the book and don’t plan on reading it before the TV series, but it sounds like this could be the next Six Feet Under-style family drama—minus the funeral home stuff. If so, I’m excited for it.

PS: I can’t stand it when people talk on the phone/video with their mouth full of food. Come on, Ewan, that’s gross.

I enjoy the work of Ewan McG. and am looking forward to this work. I never read the book, but wasn’t Franzen the guy trashed by Oprah? If it was Franzen I don’t think it was for this work. Oh, forget it, just trying to strike up some interest and conversation.


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