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Entourage Season 8 to DVD & Blu-Ray June 12th

By Jacob Klein on Mar 16, 2012 to Entourage

After eight successful years on HBO, Entourage’s final season is heading to DVD and Blu-Ray. On June 12th you’ll be able to complete your DVD collection! Famous for it’s depection of the world of a Hollywood star and his ‘Entourage’, the show brought in great numbers for HBO over time and has been a fan favorite.  Lovers of the show were devastated when the show went off the air last year but they can take heart in the fact that an Entourage Movie is on it’s way sometime in the future.

This DVD set is going to be chalk full of extras and special features as most HBO Disc sets are but we don’t have the details as of yet.  Bookmark the Amazon listing for Entourage Season 8 ($25 on DVD and $35 on Blu-Ray) and keep an eye out for any details that might emerge.  We’ll report them here as well!  We know you’re sad that Entourage is off the air these days but just hug it out and wait for the HBO film!

Here’s the special that ran just before the final episode that will surely be included in the DVD set titled: Hollywood Sunset: Farewell Tribute to Entourage:

Pre-Order Entourage Season 8 or Johnny will go Bananas!

  • Can’t wait! What did you think of the final season? Did it live up to the hype?

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