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First Entourage Season 8 Details

By Jacob Klein on May 9, 2011 to Entourage

It’s been a while since there has been anything substantial to report on Entrouage‘s 8th and final season on HBO.  Starting July 24th, Entourage will pick up where last season left off with Johnny Drama starting his animated series “Johnny’s Bananas”.  Johnny Chase will voice the main character and the season premiere of Entourage will supposedly feature bits from the cartoon itself.

The last eight episodes will also feature cameos by Christian Slater, Johnny Galecki, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira as well as the New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudermire and Carmelo Anthony who will be working with Turtle to start a resturaunt.

Series creator Doug Ellin is also looking at full-time level 60 Warlock  / F-15, Charlie Sheen to spend some time on the show.  Ellin called Charlie’s manager but he’s still waiting for a callback.  He’d better work Charlie’s agent quickly because Entourage filming wraps in June.  Rumors of Jermey Piven (Ari Gold) replacing Mr. Sheen on CBS’s Two and a Half Men are still circulating but Ellin says “they’d be lucky to have him”.

Season 7 ended with Vince punching (and getting punched) by Eminem at his record release party.   Vince is now just getting out of rehab as the season starts and trying (once again) to save his career.  Maybe Aquaman 3 is looking for a star?  Ari’s family life is in turmoil and he’ll be trying to make things right throughout the season.  One thing’s for sure, says Ellin, we won’t be seeing any corny weddings or funerals though one of the guys may become a father by the end of the season.

Source – (Keck)

Stick with HBOWatch for all of the latest Entourage rumors and spoilers!  Entourage concludes July 24th.

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