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Entourage Movie (Finally) Re-Confirmed

By Jacob Klein on Oct 28, 2013 to Entourage

We’ve known that an Entourage movie was in the works at HBO for some time.  But recently there was a bit of controversy around the salaries of some of the actors returning for the film.  But what would an Entourage movie by if it didn’t have a bit of Hollywood BS surrounding it, eh?  

After months of waiting and wondering we’ve finally gotten the official word from the show’s creator via Twitter:

Badda bing badda boom. The Entourage Film is on the way! No word on a premiere date, whether it will air on HBO itself at some point or in the theaters but we’ll get that info for you as it arrives.

Hug it out bros. It’s happening.

  • Ernie

    Is anyone else hyped about this as I am!!! I really miss my entourage, johnny drama, turtle, ARI!…

    • reminder

      you forgot E

      • “motherfu@kers act like they forgot about E”

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