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Ed Harris Joins Sci-Fi/Western Series WESTWORLD

By Jacob Klein on Aug 12, 2014 to Westworld


The universe that is Westworld on HBO continues to grow. First we heard that Anthony Hopkins & Evan Rachel Wood were starring. Next a bevy of talent joined the cast from HBO veterans to brand new faces.

But all of these beautiful, kind faces needed something to balance them out, right? How about an evil villain for the robotic theme park of the future?  The Man in Black.  No, seriously– that’s his name. He’s described as “the distillation of pure villainy into one man.” Sound interesting?  With these names, this budget and this network behind it can Westworld possibly go wrong?

Westworld is heading into production soon, hence the waterfall of names emerging around the work. We expect it to premiere next Summer, probably in True Blood’s current slot. The rest of the schedule is just too busy to place it anywhere else. That’s just our speculation, of course. We’ll get you an air date when it’s official.

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Are there any guesses of what might replace Boardwalk Empire?

We pretty much know.

The same creators and one of the same actors,at least are working on a music drama from the 70’s with Martin Scorsese.

Here’s all we know:

Nice. Can’t go wrong with Scorsese. I just hope it won’t be a musical per se. Never been able to enjoy that format.


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