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DVD & Blu-Ray Release Date: Luck

By Jacob Klein on Aug 13, 2012 to Luck

After the shocking cancellation of HBO’s horse racing series, Luck fans may find solace in the fact that soon they’ll be able to own the critically acclaimed series on DVD and Blu-Ray this November 27th. Starring several well-known actors including Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte, the series was directed by Michael Mann.

The 4-disc set will feature all nine episodes in 1080p but exact details of the special features have not been disclosed yet. Do you still want to watch this first season even though you know new seasons will most likely never be created? Can you stand the cliffhangers? Pre-Order Luck on DVD or Blu Ray today.

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the series, its cancellation and the possibility of the series returning to HBO. We’d love to get your thoughts.

  • ILovedLuck, Sincerely, Mike W.

    The funny thing is…. whatever issues, angst, or anger any animal rights groups had with the production of this show, it’s all misplaced.They were too stupid to realize it, and it’s too late to take it back.If they were concerned about the safety of horses being used in the production of this series, I ask them this.Why not direct your attention and efforts towards actual racing, and other Equestrian sports, which surely negativley impacts these animals on a much larger scale globally.Were they burning through horses like a competitive eater at the 4th of July hot dog eating competition in the production of this series? Probably not. If anything this series was raising awareness on an issue that these groups are clearly concerned about, through a well respected medium you can not pay to advertise through! HBO was exposing many people, who would otherwise, never take the time of day to give these issues any real thought. I remember sitting in a room full a friends when the episode aired where the horse breaks it’s leg. We were all shocked in our realizations that these animals are put down when this happens, and started to google statistics on the matter via smart phones. I don’t think any of us would have been exposed to the issue through any other media outlet had we not seen that episode of “Luck”. I regularly check many media outlets through various sources to check up on news, and never once have I seen an article on what happens to injured horses that are involved in equestrian sporting. My guess is that some very closed minded people involed in some animal rights groups got so pissed off about whatever (I’m sure few) Isolated incidents of horse injury happened during the production of this show, that they didn’t stop to think about the free press they were getting on the issue. Free press that was exposing a large but closed demographic of people that they could not otherwise reach on the issues they are concerned about. When people see red in this country who don’t have the wisdom to reflect, analyze, and improve on their points of view they get radical. This is just another prime example.

    To whoever complained so much that they got this great series shut down; way to blow some of the best free exposure you guys could have gotten on the issue you were concerned about.

    *Sometimes* it take a martyr to help move the center population in favor of your cause. (Maybe the few, if not one isolated incident of horses being injured during the production of this show).
    Wait for the graphic stuff you are all about to be exposed to via “VICE”. Chances are, if it moves any of you, you won’t be able to do crap to help any of the issues this series will cover. So make the change in yourself to make this world, and this country a better place.
    Thanks for the efforts of all of those involved with “Luck”, great work, what a shame. Thanks for giving the series a shot HBO.
    Sincerely, Mike W.

  • Vince P

    Truly one of the biggest disappointments in all the years I’ve been watching HBO, this was an amazing story line with action, direction and cast banter that Mr. Mann could only do. What an amazing roll for Mr. Hoffman. I speak for many that keep our fingers crossed to see a come back.

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