Dinner is Coming: Game of Thrones Dining Event Marches on Seattle

By Jacob Klein on May 14, 2013 to Game of Thrones

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We’ve just received word that this dinner has been cancelled by the organizers:

“Due to circumstances beyond their control, the event organizers have made the hard decision to cancel the event until further notice. Further information and updates about possible rescheduling can be obtained by going to dinneriscoming.com and joining the mailing list.” 

Our apologies to everyone who entered the contest, bought a ticket on our advice or prepared in any way for this event.  HBO Watch was not part of the decision here but we do feel very sorry for those affected.  Do accept our sincere apologies.

If you’ve been lucky enough to read George R.R Martin’s novels you know that food and feasting play a major role in the lives of our favorite characters.  One of the things that sets the world of Westeros apart from other fantasy realms are the vivid descriptions of Tyrion breaking his fast on blackened bacon and onion-stuffed white swans being served on various special occasions.

But what would it really be like to drink summer wine with the late King Robert Baratheon or to share a royal jape with the Queen Regent while feasting on the finest delicacies in the kingdom?  While we may not be able to transport you to King’s Landing any time soon we are honored to be able to inform you about an upcoming Game of Thrones-themed feast taking place in Seattle, WA this spring!

Dinner is Coming

cersei-foodThe feast to end all feasts is being held at the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture, with the setting transformed into a banquet hall styled after the great halls found in the castles of Westeros. The evening includes appetizers, a six-course meal, four drinks, and all the merriment of a royal wedding or name-day feast.  Wine and beer have been chosen to match descriptions in the books, paired with foods showcasing each of the major parts of Westeros.

There are three ticket levels available for purchase.  The first is a general admission for $100.  This includes all of the above and more!  The second, higher level ticket is $125 but will get you extra votes in costume contest (more on that in a moment), VIP service, and preferred seating on the dais.  The third ticket level is for “designated drivers”.  You’ll get a discount and only one drink with that ticket but you’ll also have the thanks of the entire kingdom at large.  You may need to take a loan out from the Iron Bank of Braavos but we promise that it will be worth it at any level!

Costumes or spirited dressing is highly encouraged.  There will be a costume contest with prizes in two categories: people’s choice and lord’s choice. Those seated on the dais will be given one vote in each category, as befits their lordly status.  Awesome prizes awarded for best costumes so be sure to bring your best!

There will also be a trivia contest held during the course of the meal, with more prizes awarded there as well. Some of the prizes for both contests include: a game of thrones board game; an autographed copy of the cookbook A Feast of Ice and Fire from which many of the recipes for the dinner will be taken; gift certificates, homemade specialty foods and more.


Doors open at 6:30PM and dinner service starts at 7PM.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab a pair of tickets for you and your beloved.  This will be a Game of Thrones experience that may never come again so don’t hesitate to grab those VIP tickets before they’re all gone!

We know not everyone is as rich as a Lannister so we’re teaming up with the event coordinators to give away a pair of tickets to what is sure to be the Seattle feasting event of the season!  Simply answer the following trivia questionsbelow correctly (no cheating!) and the email address you use will be entered to win.  Just comment below with your response!  We’ve also been given a discount code exclusively for HBOWatch readers that will net you a discount on any ticket level.  Just enter: DINNERWATCHER at checkout here.

We also want to mention that all proceeds of this event will be going to a local non-profit called Alleycat Acres, a small organization dedicated to increasing awareness about the importance of urban farming and sustainability in our food supply.

A few important notes:

-All diners must be 21 years of age and present valid photo ID upon entry.
-Winners/Entrants must live near, or be willing to journey to Seattle, WA on June 1, 2013.
-Menu items may include meat, fish, wheat, or other allergens.  No substitutions can be made. (contact the organizers with questions)
-Costumes are not required but are highly encouraged!
-To enter just leave a comment below with the correct answer to the below question.


Question: What is the name of Ned Stark’s sister, whose abduction led Robert Baratheon to start the rebellion?

We’ll actually be attending the event ourselves so be sure to check back for pictures and juicy details from the night if you’re not able to make it to Seattle yourself!

We’d like to wish everyone good luck and happy feasting this season!  We hope to see you at the event.

Dinner is Coming.

  • Lyanna Stark

  • Scott S

    Lyanna Stark

  • Jessica W

    Lyanna Stark

  • C Smith

    His sister is Lyanna Stark.

  • Robert Schuster

    Lyanna Stark

  • Variola

    Lyanna Stark

  • Jeremy Snow

    Wish I could go to Seattle next month.

  • Lyanna Stark!

  • Kristina Kledzik

    Lyanna Stark!

  • Rebecca

    Lyanna Stark

  • Geoff

    Lyanna Stark

  • David Hughes

    Lyanna Stark!

  • HelloTygerlily

    Lyanna Stark

  • Desiree Archibald

    Lyanna Stark

  • caperon

    Lyanna Stark

  • Adria Saracino

    Lyanna Stark! I want in – do I have to dress up in costume?? Game on!

    • Have to no, but it’s advised as there is a costume contest! Plus, why wouldn’t you want the chance to go all out at an event like this!

  • Lara

    lara.petersburg@distilled.net says Lyanna Stark!

  • Leaf Morrison

    Lyann Stark!
    Gimme dat dinner!

  • KateMorris

    Lyanna Stark

  • Lyanna Stark
    And You said an email address so sashaunarose@Gmail.com

    I want to go to this sooo badly, but all my money goes to my two kiddos, and I live right outside Seattle so it would be awesome if I could win.

  • Kam

    Lyanna Stark is Ned’s sister and the woman that Robert truly loved.

  • OK, this is too awesome. I’m waiting for the east coast version!

  • Heidi

    Lyana stark….only because I read the books !

  • Its not mentioned here but be assured dinner is to be served by a fine group of buxom wenches catering to your every dining need! ;-)

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