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Dark Tower Rumblings: Movies and a TV Series?!

By Jacob Klein on Mar 13, 2012 to Dark Tower

Earlier today Deadline reported that Warner Bros., sister company of Time-Warner-owned HBO has been in talks to produce a Dark Tower feature film.  The series has a long history of being green lit and subsequently being canceled for one reason or another but the latest news we’d heard was that HBO would take over the Dark Tower televison series with plans for at least one full season according to Brain Grazer.

Apparently Time Warner is now in negotiations to produce three full length feature films whilst HBO would take care of the TV series elements on its network.  It isn’t clear if the actors would be the same, if the stories would cross over or what the nature of the TV/Movie coordination would be at all but considering the compay’s ownership it would make a lot of sense to cross-promote the two products.  Perhaps the films would kick off the series and slow down for the 10 hour, 10 epiosde run on HBO, delving into the details while the films took care of the major plot points.  Nothing like this has ever been attempted on this scale so it’s impossible to speculate.  And let me be clear, this is ALL speculation at this point.  Fans of the Dark Tower series have had their hearts crushed before and we don’t want to contribute to that yet again!

As far as we know HBO is still going ahead with the TV series and whether or not that matches up with a sister-film the likes of which has never been seen– well, we can’t say for sure but it seems like a great way to accumulate some new HBO subscribers to me!

More on HBO’s Dark Tower series when we have it.

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Javier Bardem is a great actor, but is totally wrong to play Roland. Someone more Clint Eastwood-esque needs to play the role. Maybe someone like Clive Owen. Quiet intensity. Clive Owen might be too perfect.

Clive Owen as The Gunslinger.

Gerard Butler would even be better than Javier Bardem and probably easier and cheaper to get too….

I am very excited about this having been a huge fan of the books for many years.

When I first caught sight of Viggo Mortensen in Fellowship of the RIng, I thought that is the man to play Roland. He has the eyes and the screen presence to pull it off. Javier Bardem does not.

It will be a massive disappointment if HBO go ahead with this terrible miscasting!

@Clair Perera Just because Viggo gets you hot don’t turn to ice over Javier. Although I agree Viggo is more of a hero and Javier is a better badass…

I, for one, would love to see this happen. Now, having said that I am not sure that the grand-scale attempt is the way to go here. For me, it should be either the movie or the series or a good hiatus between the movie’s run and the TV adaptation. Universal PIctures, the usual go-to studio for Howard/Glazer, backed out of the deal due to budget. The producing team shopped the complete package around and Warner has been debating the prospect for quite a while now. This is the kind of tough calls Hollywood sometimes makes. HBO & Stephan King,… Read more »

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