Daario Naharis Recast in Game of Thrones

By Cian Gaffney on Aug 29, 2013 to Game of Thrones

michiel_huisman__1377820432_109.76.13.196The Hollywood Reporter has shared the news that Michiel Huisman will be appearing in the upcoming 4th season of Game of Thrones. Huisman will be familiar to HBO fans for his portrayal of the drug-addled street musician Sonny in Treme.

Huisman will be replacing Ed Skrein as Daario Naharis, the sellsword in service to Daenerys.

HR reports that:

Word of Huisman’s casting first surfaced on Instagram, where his trainer posted a photo of the actor bulking up to prepare for Thrones.

Mr. Huisman is one of many significant new castings for season 4, joining Pedro Pascal, Indira Varma and Roger Ashton-Griffiths as they enter the Thrones family.

This isn’t the first time an actor has been swapped. Ser Gregor Clegane has been played by two actors at this point. Find out more about that in our extensive interview with Conan Stevens, the original Mountain.

What are your thoughts on this casting? Were you a fan of Ed Skrein, or are you happy to see Huisman step into the role?  Will it confuse some viewers?

Author’s Note: Personally, I am delighted with the news. I was a fan of Skrein’s Daario, and I am sad to see him go, but these things happen and we have to move on. However, being a huge fan of Treme, I know Huisman definitely has the acting chops to take on this role. On top of that, I think he more accurately fits the description of Daario’s appearance as per George R.R. Martin’s descriptions. Nevertheless, this is sure to cause some large-scale confusion among fans once the show returns.

Game of Thrones Season 4 will premiere in spring of 2014.  We’ll provide an exact air date here when we have it.

  • sgal

    I think the recast of Daario has hurt the whole Daenarys side of Game of Thrones. Daenarys seems sort of silly beside this terribly cast replacement guy. He doesn’t help her character at all. They need to ditch him and give Daenarys someone worth her time. No chemistry here at all.

  • Judit

    I just hate it when they do that – don’t you all?

  • abyx34

    I can’t believe they did that… and here for a moment I thought him to be that killer who can change face and identity, lol.

  • blackcat


  • Strawberryfields

    I am sorry but it seems like I am the only one here to think that the first Daario guy was an awful actor, with SUCH painfully cheesy deliveries of all his lines? There was one where he goes “something, something, my queen” which i just facepalmed myself so bad at it left a mark, because it was so badly delivered!
    I HATE recastings and was disapointed as much as the next aSOF fan about the lack of blue hair and golden teeth, but seriously recasting that dude was the best thing that happened to GoT! The new actor may lack zing but at least he can act! Why is no-one addressing lack of acting ability here, instead speculating about reasons that he would leave the show….
    Does anyone actually believe that he voluntarily left GoT and a part that could have made his career, to go act in Transformers? caus’ that s what you say to save face when you are being let go for poor acting, and you need to make it less awkward for everyone involved!

    • Rob Lee

      The first actor was AWWWFUL! I totally agree with you! Every line he said was so lame. He sounded ridiculous. The faint smile and the way he kept tilting his head up when he said something was so corny. The replacement is awesome. He can act, he’s good looking, and it’s much more convincing that Daenerys would be attracted to him then that weird looking crooked teeth puppet.

  • Colleen

    I liked the first guy way better! Very disappointed!

  • Lord of Lockport

    The new guy is a doucher and is nothing like the character in the book. Ed Skrein was perfect for the role. If Skrein left on his own then it was a terrible recast.

    • Neither was Skrein.
      “If Skrein left on his own then it was a terrible recast.” What? So, what you’re saying is that if Skrein walked of his own accord, the blame is on the casting department for not re-meeting your personal Skrein representation? A ridiculous complaint.

  • desertdesserts

    Something that is funny to me is not a single person here has read beyond this article. If you had, your responses wouldn’t be so quick. Ed Skrein left GOT voluntarily. Any ill will towards a recasting, coincidentally enough, would fall towards Mr. Skrein I believe.

    • topaz

      This article was written in August of 2013 and I don’t think there was any idea at that time that Ed might have left on his own; I think most people were blindsided by this news. In light of this, IMO I think a good
      deal of people who posted here recently do know that it was Ed who most likely chose to leave, but still want to express their disappointment that he is no longer on GOT. To further the disappointment, they replaced him with someone who is completely wrong for the part making it even less bearable and agonizing. That is where most of the outrage lies and that is none of Ed Skrein’s fault. This would fall on the shoulders of HBO/GOT. Again, just my opinion, but I think a great deal of these posts are rather pointing out and want to make it known that they really did like Ed as Daario and wondering where HBO’s and GOT’s heads were at when they chose the replacement for Ed. In fact, when I made my post here, I knew that it was speculated that Ed had left because of the Transporter reboot. It doesn’t mean I can’t want and wish he was back on GOT even if I know he’s doing what he thinks is best for his career. I miss him as Daario because he brought some undeniable zest to the show and his absence is felt in a big way. It’s unfortunate that some didn’t like Ed’s portrayal of Daario while he was on the show. However, it is very evident now how many people really thought he was perfect in his portrayal and want him back. I think it’s great! I’m not angry with Ed Skrein if it was his choice to leave on his own. I applaud him, but I still would want him to know how much he was appreciated in his role and he is irreplaceable, at least to me. I’m still quite vexed about HBO/GOT’s choice for replacement, however, and I’m not going to get over it lol.

  • Marina Ramer

    Worst desition ever you had directly ruined the character completely, hate it really worst you could ever do HBO!

  • topaz

    Way mad that they replaced Ed as Daario. The new Daario is not a man that a woman like Daenarys would salivate over. Seriously. I’m not excited,
    interested, or intrigued by the new Daario at all. Ed showing up in season 3
    really got me interested in the Daenerys and Daario story line; I definitely wanted to see more and see where it would go. I didn’t know either Skrein or Huisman as actors until GOT, so I had no preconceived notions about either of them. Clearly, Ed’s Daario made an impact and that made things exciting for viewers where Dany’s realm was concerned. Ed’s Daario was smooth; his voice was seductive and sensual. He was dangerous and sexy with a dark, smoldering gaze. He was confident and said exactly what he planned to do, and he made it happen; he definitely had a commanding presence. Moreover, he was believable. In the scene where they sacked that city and he came into the tent after Dany inquired about his whereabouts… when he got down on one knee before her, face splattered in blood and battle worn, the look on his face and the vibe he exuded was like—wow, I don’t even know how to explain it! But watch Dany’s expression to this; it’s the same look that she gave Drogo when he gave that powerful speech. Sparks, fire, passion… it was there and Ed/Daario and Emilia/Dany had it happening. Hot hot hot! And now it’s ruined and I could cry. Ed is so gorgeous and as Daario his look was perfect. He
    was exotic, a warrior and stealthy killer, but still, his voice and gaze could
    caress you from across the room. Caress!!! Like some others have said on here, the character is ruined for me. New Daario can’t pull off the scenes and they are hard to watch. I hope Dany isn’t subjected to any castle gate crashin’ from new Daario. I can’t even imagine them two hittin’ it. NO! Horrible. I want Ed Skrein back!!!

    • GOThrones

      Couldn’t agree more! I can barely watch scenes with the new Daario. BORING!!!!!!!!

  • Gråmantel

    I’ve read the books and I was not very bothered at first with Ed’s Daario to be honest but that was purely based on looks (he didn’t looked at all as the character was described by G r.r. M). In retrospect I must admit I rather liked that suave, smirking and flamboyant way Ed Skrein did the role in which he had excellent chemistry with Emely. I liked the way he was strikingly different from the other male actors yet still upheld the virtues of a the extremely skilled warrior by presence alone. Seeing the recast I actually lost the little fascination I had built up since the ending of season 3,

  • Kylie Hansard

    Obviously this guy wasn’t cast for his fit for the role OR his talent… Wonder which buddy or relative helped him score this role… thanks GOT for ruining the character….

  • Mistaken

    OK. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but reading all these comments I had to weight in to say I like the new Dario. :) Skrein is no doubt an attractive man and was good in the role, and the recasting threw me off and was distracting for a minute … but I think Huisman is pulling of a charming, if not just different, version of the character. Give him a chance, people.

    • Mistaken

      I meant “weigh in.”

    • simonmortensen

      No, let him die!;)

  • Chris

    terrible. as has been said many times by now, the new guy really doesn’t fit the part like Ed Skrein did. he had excellent facial expression and, even if the new guy looks more like the description in the book, Ed just looked the part more; dirty cutthroat that belonged in the Second Sons mercenary group.

    Although I hope Ed does well, I’m very disappointed that he left and think it was a foolish move. I don’t how “The Transporter” movie will be, but I can’t imagine him getting nearly as much recognition doing this as if he stayed with GoT to the end. These actors/actresses blow up hugely after their time in these popular series, and Game of Thrones is obviously one of the most popular right now.

  • Uk born

    Have no views on the new guy yet, I’m sure here do a great job, just confuses people when faces are switched, which is a shame, I heard the other guy left to star in a new film, transporter, the guys a fool, this show is awesome…and he could have got some sexy scene ps with caliisi, each to there own I suppose..keep up the good work on the show.and if the new guy gets wind of this message…good luck..:)

  • Sarah

    Bring back Ed Skrein, please!!! This new guy has absolutely no sex appeal; he just looks like an extra. Ed’s Daario was so cool. There is no way a woman like Daenerys would go from Khal Drogo to this dork. This show is definitely starting to lack in manly men.

    • Richard

      Sluts like you shouldn’t watch the show. The other guy looked like a total douche. Daenerys would look stupid and typical if she were to have fallen for the typical, jacked barbaric hunk. I am so happy they got rid of the first guy. Watch the show for what it’s supposed to be, not for the sex. If you want that shit go watch Twilight

      • Sarah

        Skrein’s portrayal was more consistent with Daario’s character in the books. You sound beta.

      • Fifi Doran

        Why is a woman a slut because she finds a man attractive? Are you mad because you can’t get a girlfriend? Or is it just because you are puny and pigeon chested? Sad misogynists like you shouldn’t post things online. For the record, Dany clearly is attracted to jacked barbaric hunks, seeing as she was married to one. I don’t buy her falling for some bearded flop haired guy with no charisma, after having been with Khal Drogo. Ed was a more believable love interest, hence him being originally cast. Your hatred for attractive people is embarrassing. I know because you don’t get laid you find this hard to believe but… girls are sexual creatures just the same as men. Deal with it.

        • manbearpig

          Geez that is an amazing comment! I can now say this to all sexist men heehee

      • DREW BURGE

        Haha, yeah! There’s no sex in Game of Thrones!

        Wait. There’s a ton of sex. Richard, this makes you a moron.

    • topaz

      Sarah, I agree with you 100%!!!

  • Really ?

    No offense to the new guy but wtf ? The old Dario had charisma. This guy seems waaaayyyy out of his league

  • Why?

    Hate this. Ed was PERFECT.

    I had no prior knowledge that he was being replaced so when I caught up with the first episode last week, I was like, “WTF, that is NOT Daario.”
    I mean, seriously, the overall change in appearance is the last on my WTF-Happened-List (still VERY, VERY disappointed with this – see picture below: he looks so good, even with blood) I was more concerned about how Daario’s whole demeanor changed. The new one isn’t as suave as Ed and as many people here pointed out, the chemistry between him and Daenerys is just NOT there. This was something I was looking forward to.
    He doesn’t even have this “great warrior” vibe that Ed so effortlessly manages to give. I mean, I can’t even figure out if the new one was Daario or just some normal guy with the very GOT curly hair.
    Give the new actor long blonde hair at least! So disappointed.

  • infamazz

    Horrible decision. He is playing the role of Daario as an unsophisticated mountain man when the role was for a suave pirate. That and he’s about an inch taller than Daenerys. Ed Skrein was perfect for the role.

  • No Quarter Given

    Yep, gave to agree, this is a casting fail. New guy has ZERO chemistry with Daenerys. BOO!

  • Rauno Kettunen

    Utterly dissappointed with this re-casting. Can´t believe HBO would subject their viewers to
    such a move. Makes me think of the Bold and the Beautiful or another
    shit series with no integrity or class. Not happy, with not only the
    principle of the change, but the choice as well. Wasn´t like swapping a
    diamond for a swarowski but rather like trying to replace the original
    with a piece of polished turd….

    • topaz

      I absolutely agree with you!! I totally LOL’d at “polished turd”!!! I about fell out of my chair LOL!!

  • postulio

    Immensely disappointed on the recasting of Daario. I thought Skrein had excellent facial expressions and “swagger” which fit perfectly with the story.

    The new actor looks dull with seemingly no chemistry with Dany/Khalisi (sp?). I haven’t watched Treme so don’t have any biases like the author of this article, (nor have I read the books) so my opinion is fresh and based solely on screen performance and chemistry. This has definitely affected my enjoyment of the new season as the seemingly inevitable conflict due to the love triangle Daario was involved in no longer seems as interesting, or competitive.

    Fact of life or not, fans should not be do accepting of such blatant downgrades.

  • Mina

    Really disappointed in the recasting of Daario Naharis. While I understand and therefore accept that recasting is sometimes unavoidable, I do not understand their choice of new actor. The character is now dull, the chemistry between him and Dany is non existant and physically he is less than impressive. Big thumbs down. :(

  • Michael Phillips

    This is the first time I have EVER joined an online discussion. And that should tell you HBO how extremely disappointed your loyal fans are. What a mistake. What a let down. That was a VERY intriguing character and actor. I have a huge family and lots of friends and EVERYONE agrees that they feel extremely let down. Everyone I know absolutely loves this show, and just when the series needed it most, a love story that captivated the country, we are instead left with an upset stomach and a guy that is just downright disappointing. It’ll be a hard season to watch.

  • Maria Dean

    That was the worst decision ever! I didn’t even know who he was in the episode. The new character is not as attractive as the previous actor, and does not have the same chemistry with the mother of dragons! What a shame. Since when do the fans decide the fate of the show!

  • Anon Amos

    I miss the first sexy guy. He’s got that je ne sais quoi. He added so much more chemistry and electricity to the Daenerys storyline compared to the current guy, but I guess he decided to be a big action film star instead in the Transporter :(

  • Lu sett

    wtf! hate it!

  • CR

    Absolutely HATE this new guy. What was wrong with the previous pretty guy, huh? Everyone says he’s got acting chops? He was flat and lackluster, and the scene introducing him showed NO chemistry whatsoever with our lovely Khalessi, as was seen previously with the gorgeous actor, Ed. HBO are you FREAKING CRAZY?

  • CR

    Absolutely HATE this new guy. What was wrong with the previous pretty guy, huh? Everyone says he’s got acting chops? He was flat and lackluster, and the scene introducing him showed NO chemistry whatsoever with our lovely Khalessi, as was seen previously with the gorgeous actor, Ed. HBO are you FREAKING CRAZY?

  • Ishmoo

    For Christ’s sake, can we have just ONE guy on this show that doesn’t look like a scruffy son of Ned Stark? I mean, come ON, the women on this show are clean, well groomed, varied, every one of them gorgeous, and usually unclothed. Throw us ladies a bone (I thought Ed was great!). Look, I dig those Stark boys as much as anyone, but some freakin variety would be nice. Besides, Daario is supposed to be flamboyant and sexy, and BIG. This new fella’s just kind of scrawny and pale. It feels like we traded Conan the Barbarian for Dennis Miller.

    • simonmortensen

      Exacthy my thoughts! Although not the attraction part, but all of these guys are starting to look pretty much the same! I loved Ed’s Daario, this new one I hope dies a quick and brutal death, hate him. A flawed character now. The first mistake of this wonderfull series! Still the best though;)

    • MJ C

      Exactly!!!! Seriously need a hottie and we had one, now, well more of the same. Sigh.

  • niciebaby

    im fucking pissed! Daario Naharis should at least be blond I’m so hurt I hate the change, Im not watching any more!!!……. aw who am I kidding I can’t wait for Sunday’s episode… Im still mad about the casting change

  • slutgarden

    The old Daario at least LOOKED like a barbarian tough. The new Daario is closer to Kenny Loggins.

  • ozzie

    lol,new Dario is a joke….

  • prfktwd

    It’s not a matter of the actor acting good or not, nor if it looks with the character in the book, but its about our imagination, and how THAT was Daario naharis… the sudden change makes the show unbelievable, which is really sad, all the dragons and perfect special effects ruined by the idiot actor who prefered to act on some less important movie or show, he ruined it and i hope the movie he is acting is a total failure.

  • Arg3n1s

    Por q fue el cambio!??

  • Joelle

    I was disappointed at the new Daario, not really because a new actor was cast, fine, but that it did not even resemble the original HBO character so much that it took me a while to even realize who this was supposed to be!! For goodness sake, if you change the actor at least make the character recognizable!! I agree with some other posts that he and Dany were definitely missing that chemistry that made me fall in love with his character after only a few episodes. I was not impressed at all, but here’s hoping that it goes uphill from here…

  • k.

    Such a disappointment…

  • MJ

    Cannot believe the recast. I was so excited to see the upcoming plots and charms the original Daario would bring before I knew the news. But after I watched the first episode of 4th season, I was totally disappointed. I m not doubting Michiel Huisman’s profession and capability, yet he just doesn’t fit this role! Not being rude, but I probably can’t accept this Daario for all the season, plz have Ed Skrein back….

    • Imam Pradana

      darn, I think so,

    • Kathy DiGiovanni

      This new dude is a shocker and a horrid surprise. BOO to the casting people. Your first major blunder and quite a serious one.

  • Tara Duffy

    I was so upset, not only that it does not even resemble him he looks tiny. I can not make myself believe he is a great warrior.. Please get him back or give Danny a better looking man. It seems as though you picked an ugly man for every beautiful girl. I too, was looking forward to the blossoming love between these two characters and now I feel like I was let down. This is the first time I have waited this impatiently for a season to start, the best I have ever known, it is awkward that I feel I have a say so in the matter. I am to invested into this show, no matter what it is excellent but it would be nice to see you change your mind and get a man who is something like the other Daario

  • Kathy DiGiovanni

    HBO noooo. This new dude just doesn’t have the chemistry that Ed Skrein had with Emilia Clarke. ,zip, none , BORING! We want Skrein back …..now!

  • Rf

    HBO -> nooooooooo, call Ed back ASAP !!!!!!!

  • Patricia

    I could not wait to see Dario this season! This was my main reason to watch! Hot! Hot! Hot! Self assured, the man that gets what he wants with that adorable smirk and look. No fault of Huismans, but wow do I miss Skerin…..he made a really big mistake to leave for Transporter. Skerin is getting this much talk from only two episodes of Game of Thrones….imagine if he stayed. As an actor, this was his brass ring. I will miss him :(

    • Your main reasoning in watching the show is Daario’s presence? What did you do for the first 2 and a half seasons?

      • Painted Bunting

        I think its safe to say that most of the women on this message board prefer men with long blond hair, a maniacal grin, and who carry around heads in a burlap sack = )

        • topaz

          This might be true, LOL!!!

  • Maissaa

    I watched the premier last night. I had not heard of this change in cast before so imagine my SURPRISE. I wanted to scream no no no. Then I decided to wait till he speaks but then the disappointment continued. And the scene where Huisman’s Daario offers flowers to his queen, how week is that scene and so untrue to the character as was introduced in the previous season. It left me wondering what are they doing? And how can you compare that to the scene where Skrein’s Daario brings the heads of her enemies to her? A powerful breathtaking scene. And now we move to a Daario who behaves like a love struck teenager in pursuit of a crush, a man/boy with a feeble personality. When compared to the look on Skrein’s Daario in that scene a look of passion and power entwined one can’t help but wonder What are they doing?
    If Huisman is not capable of carrying the role of Daario then maybe he should not have been cast for it. Not change the role to fit the actor.
    Where is the majestical aura Skerin was able to portray? Where is that elusive intensity of the Daario character that made us look forward to seeing how this relationship is going to evolve?
    This change of cast and how its being done harms the integrity of the show as a whole. And unless this story line recovers, it will continue to be a weak spot in the show.

    • Kathy DiGiovanni

      Ridiculous casting . Big , huge mistake for Ed to leave as Danny’s love interest and go to a dying , dead Transporter show .

  • Maissaa

    I watched the premier last night. I had not heard of this change in cast before so imagine my SURPRISE. I wanted to scream no no no. Then I decided to wait till he speaks but then the disappointment continued. And the scene where Huisman’s Daario offers flowers to his queen, how week is that scene and so untrue to the character as was introduced in the previous season. It left me wondering what are they doing? And how can you compare that to the scene where Skrein’s Daario brings the heads of her enemies to her? A powerful breathtaking scene. And now we move to a Daario who behaves like a love struck teenager in pursuit of a crush, a man/boy with a feeble personality. When compared to the look on Skrein’s Daario in that scene a look of passion and power entwined one can’t help but wonder What are they doing?
    If Huisman is not capable of carrying the role of Daario then maybe he should not have been cast for it. Not change the role to fit the actor.
    Where is the majestical aura Skerin was able to portray? Where is that elusive intensity of the Daario character that made us look forward to seeing how this relationship is going to evolve?
    This change of cast and how its being done harms the integrity of the show as a whole. And unless this story line recovers, it will continue to be a weak spot in the show.

  • Carol

    This new one guy is ridiculous. HBO went totally wrong.

  • Bring back Skrein Daario!

    CAN NOT believe they recast Daario! The original – was the one who chopped off the other Generals heads to show his devotion to Kalesse. He’s the man! and then they replace him with some dude that just DOES NOT have the same screen presence, x factor or chemistry. I agree with other comments – he looks like an extra at a stark banquet. I haven’t read the books and maybe the original Daario didn’t match the description but stick with him! He gave me the impression that he could hold his own with the mother of dragons. Couldnt care less about new Daario – not doing it for me.

  • WTF?

    Horrible recast. The Daario character has been ruined.

    • Louise Asuncion

      Daario has already been ruined in the show, he doesnt even looked like the one in the books

      • andrea

        I’m sorry but that doesn’t make sense, than you should hate the guy who portraied Syrio Forel because he wasn’t bald, and that’s… well sorry but that’s childish to say the least, as G.R.R.M. himself said, if an actor nails the role it doesn’t matter if he looks like in the book or not. I mean ser Jorah too is described differently, king Robert was supposed to be 2 meters tall and so on. That’s no reason to not like an actor. I have to agree to those who brought up the fact that the writing wasn’t on par with the rest of the episode, the flower scene in particular was really weak and that too was detrimental to the character (the one with Gray Warm wasn’t great but at least was usefull to flesh out a relationship between two characters that didn’t really interact till then). In conclusion, it seems like they had to rewrite in a haste the all part with Daenerys, and it shows. Maybe in a lesser show it would have not been so much evident, but in a show as well written as GoT it really stands out when something like this happens

  • andrea

    I agree, i mean i have no doubts that mr. Huisman is a professional and talented actor, but for this particular role he’s too “ordinary” looking, while Skrein was very particular and “rogueish”, with the long hairs and that arrogant smirk, the chemistry and sexual tension between him and Daenerys was reminding me of that between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. Huisman, as i just said, is too.. Well too “normal”.. And yes, i found it really distracting, of course i’m gonna get used to it, but it was really hard to get pulled in the story in the segments with Daenerys because of this recasting, especially since the two actors are so differently looking

    • Painted Bunting

      As a guy, I would be infinitely more bothered (as Ser Jorah and Ser Baristan are supposed to be) if a girl I looked after was talking to Skrein than Huisman who seems more down to earth. This alone serves as justification for preferring the original actor for the role of Daario. I would liken Skrein’s scheming grin to the same feeling of discomfort I had when reading the books at Daenerys’s talking with Daario one on one.

    • Jorine

      Yes! Part of the power of their chemistry was that they ware in some way similar looking. And indeed because they both had exceptional appearances. I’m really proud of Michiel and he ofcourse deserves an opportunity like this. But I’m sad Skrein left, their chemistry and play made the show more exiting in a way.

    • MJ C

      I got very distracted too in fact I had to watch the end of the show again and saw how much I missed, because I was dumb struck with the change of actors and how bad it was. Blah blah blah. HBO you messed up!

  • The recast is like a breath of fresh air. How could anyone take Skrein seriously? He had zero chemistry with Emilia – not many do though, to his credit. Last night I found the new Daario to be much more believable. Blame the writers for giving him shit material, rather than the actor who is trying to do his best with hideous lines and a sword balancing scene.

    • BadRecastEVER

      are you kidding……MJ Snow you know nothing.

    • Painted Bunting

      Its not Huisman’s fault, but not sure who to get upset with for not even telling him to shave LOL, I mean they could have at least done that for consistency!

      • Jorine

        Yeah, and maybe given him lighter longer hair and braids. I think that would have looked really good on him too, and it would have mad a real difference in peoples disappointment I think.

  • BadRecast!

    hate the new guy…the original actor was 100% better looking and interesting, this new guy looks like a wimp fairy and he’s unattractive to boot. It was sooo distracting to the story….I totally hated it….I kept saying where’s the cool dude who the heck is this loser….plus it makes NO sense that Danny’s character would EVER be interested in this wimpy unattractive boring dude.

    • BadRecast

      ohhh, so the unattractive borrrrring actor is ‘related’ to ‘someone’—-what a bunch of BS—-I’ll use ‘his’ scenes with Danny a bathroom break.

  • Nadia

    I have to agree ….the recast was horrible..it went from hot chemistry to flat in zero point nine seconds. At the end of season three I was excited to see how it was going to play out. Now I am just disappointed. The flower scene was so cheesy that I wanted to cry.

  • AMC

    HATE the re-cast choice. I just watched the season premier last night and no offense to Huisman but he does not capture the character at all. He has absolutely zero chemistry with Emilia, he looks nothing like the original Darrio he actually really looks like a Stark man more than anything else, and he doesn’t posses the same manly swagger and charisma that Skrein did. Skrein was perfect for the role and while I get that these things do happen, they should have found a better replacement for the role of Daario especially when this show has such a large and perceptive fan base… We as fans deserved better.

    • MJ C

      Totally agree. I feel like they did not really think about it it at all. Gave us a great Daario and then went with “whatever”. We do deserve better! LOL

  • Jonas Salk

    The guy who was originally playing Daario was a HORRIBLE actor (and had zero chemistry with Emilia). The hard core fans of the books could not stand him and voiced their displeasure. I’m glad they replaced him with someone who can act as it will be important as his character becomes a bit more prominent.

    • New daario hater

      The recast was a shit move hope your glad. More people prefer the original actor he had more swagger and this new guy carnt act he’s just a cheesy nob jockey I couldn’t stand his scenes. What have they done I hope this new daario dies soon and put everyone out of there misery.

  • Shamina Kelly

    Skrein was a terrible cast from the beginning. Anyone who has read the books would probably agree. While the new guy doesn’t have the blue hair or the swagger of Daario (not yet) at least he doesn’t look like Arnold Schwarzneggers little brother. I am so happy about the new casting!

    • New daario hater

      Why change an actor I hate it when shows do that and I carnt wait till the new daario dies. Off with his head. This is because people like you well done who else do you want them to change might aswell change everyone TO BE MORE LIKE THE BOOK AWWWWWWW

    • simonmortensen

      Skrein was a grat cast! And the books have nothing to do with the chemistry of the people in the show. The new Dario is just to similar to a lot of the other characters in the show, no personality.. Pisses me off:(

  • MJ C

    Very very very very unhappy. I was really looking forward to Ed Skrein. This was the /stupidest/ recasting I’ve ever seen.

    In fact, I’ll be cheering to see him killed off. I’m really ticked!

    • Das

      well, thank you very much for this spoiler!

      • Carol

        It’s not a spoiler, Daario is alive by the end of ADWD.

        • Porten

          So, is that a spoiler then? :P

      • MJ C

        LOL, I have no idea what happens I just don’t like the recasting.

    • simonmortensen

      The sooner he dies the sooner we can get back to the show and forget about this nonsense from HBO. Please die Daario, like now. Thank you.

      • MJ C

        LOL. I feel bad for the actor; not his fault. HBO just made a bad decision.

  • Irked

    Terrible choice to recast. Why do it? Was it some unavoidable logistical issue? Considering the utter lack of resemblance and marked difference in the replacement’s portrayal of Daario I would think not, as the producers would have gotten someone similar. Gotta think someone changed their mind regarding Skrein’s depiction. Skrein’s Daario exuded charisma and an audacious self-confidence, the new guy thus far hasn’t captured that, making his seduction of Daenarys less conceivable. And any jarring rupture to the suspension of disbelief greatly damages the show’s storytelling. Considering the huge sums spent on the show, I’d like to see the new guy performing the lesseTerrible choice to recast. Why do it? Was it some unavoidable logistical issue? Considering the utter lack of resemblance and marked difference in the replacement’s portrayal of Daario I would think not, as the producers would have gotten someone similar. Gotta think someone changed their mind regarding Skrein’s depiction. Skrein’s Daario exuded charisma and an audacious self-confidence, the new guy thus far hasn’t captured that, making his seduction of Daenarys less conceivable. And any jarring rupture to the suspension of disbelief greatly damages the show’s storytelling. Considering the huge sums spent on the show, I’d like to see the new guy performing the less expensive S3 Daario scenes for an alternative cut which reestablishes continuity.

    • AMC

      Couldn’t agree more!

  • Stephen

    I liked the Skrien. He fit with the image that they formed of a Braavos man. The new actor looks like he could be a Stark. He doesn’t look like a foreigner. I hate to say it but the character is probably ruined for me.

  • Vincent Sergeant

    TERRRRIBLE DECISION… character ruined -_-

  • Perkifried

    I so agree with most everyone here, terrible choice in casting. If there had to be a change, there are a million actors out there and this is what they go with!! in my opinion, he was a bad fit on Nashville as well. Doesn’t match the character or the direction of the previous casting. Just doesn’t look like he belongs in the relm. And not sexy at all. Really pulls your focus from the show and all you can think is what the f***!! My bet is he’s someone’s relative — some nepotism of some sort.

  • Julia

    realize that sometimes an actor has to be replaced through no fault
    of the show, but the new casting choice is awful. Skrein’s
    Daario Naharis was unique, compelling, and fit the world of the Game
    of Thrones perfectly. Huisman’s appearance fell flat. His character
    looks like a slimy vagabond we’ve all seen a 100 times before. The
    switch is incredibly disappointing.

    • Stephen

      Spot on. There’s nothing unique about this new character.

  • Candela Adelard

    I was looking forward to see Ed Skrein (who has the look of a lover/warrior ) and instead I found a hobbit (Huisman). HBO what were you thinking? I am sure Huisman is a great actor but I dont think this is the right roll for him. Ed Skrein’s portrail of Daario was SO PERFECT! i just watched the episode and became a little disappointed by the choice. If you have to change actors at least please make a believable effort of matching the facial structure and personality.

    • Poobums

      I do agree, wholeheartedly. Out of many of the actors and characters in Game of Thrones, particularly any of the new ones from last season, Daario was excellent, with great chemistry with Daenerys. Plus, he’s pretty sexy.

      Oh well :(

    • BadRecastEver!

      hahahah…lol, you are sooo right he looks like a hobbit! Good one! I’ll use the hobbit scenes for a bathroom break.

  • Painted Bunting

    The ONLY clue that the guy even was Daario was that Grey Worm called him by his name: they look nothing alike! Very jarring for an already very confusing series for the non-reader to follow. They should have at least gone with a lookalike for the role, I mean they might as well have recast with Samuel L. Jackson, it would have had the same effect on the series. The Daario from the books, btw, was supposed to have a ridiculous grin and be almost comical in appearance. For a while, I thought I was mistaken and that the new guy was one of her Dothraki riders! Nothing against Huisman, it was a bad managerial decision~

    • Candela Adelard

      well said!! we want Ed Skrein back!!

    • kendra

      Well, if he we were going to rely on the books, he’s supposed to have a forked blue beard with matching blue curly hair, wear loud colors like a peacock, and have a gold tooth. :/ Compared to the book’s description, anything would be better than that. I liked Skrein’s Daario as well, but since he quit to work on a film, what was HBO to do?

      • Painted Bunting

        True, but if memory serves correct, the 1st HBO Daario had long blond hair with a very distinctive cleancut face. The replacement Daario has much shorter, scruffy dark brown hair with matching facial hair and a more Westerosi appearance. Not very seamless imo~

        • kendra

          It kind of reminds me of Iron Man 2 where they used Don Cheadle, an actor who looks nothing like the original Colonel Rhodes as a replacement. I don’t know why the casting director doesn’t look for someone with similar features so that the change isn’t so jarring. Let’s hope his scenes don’t become a drag

          • Painted Bunting

            Maybe they should have recast Daario with Don Cheadle, now that would mix things up a lot

      • MJ C

        They should have perhaps been more forward thinking and professional and signed Skrein to a contract? LOL

  • OperativeSpectre

    I just watched the premiere and while I like Huisman(love him as Liam on Nashville), I do not like him as this character. I’ll admit I am not far enough in the books to have met this character yet. So I can’t speak to Martin’s description of the character, but Huisman’s Dario looks nothing like Skein’s, but worse; the entire personality and feel of the character is completely different. Ed had that suave arrogant warrior poet thing going for him. Huisman comes off more smug and sarcastic. He also looks like he’s trying to cosplay Tom Cruise from The Last Samurai.

  • Long Duck

    This new guy bites. He does not seem manly enough for such a role…Ed Skrein has the look of a lover warrior. He is convincing as the type of man that could win over the Mother of Dragons…horrible move HBO, very disappointed…

    • Jason

      I thought the old guy looked incredibly fake, I could not believe his character at all, the new guy seems more believable.

      • Bring back Skrein

        more believable? in a fantasy world with dragons and shadow demons? Nothing fake about Skreins depiction – the new guy has zero charisma

        • Jason

          There is a thing called over acting, Ed over acted.

    • Candela Adelard

      i agree!! we want Ed Skrein back!! we love long sexy hair!!!! not hobbit hair!!

    • Bob Roszko

      Agreed, and like other people said his performance fell pretty flat. I just don’t understand the decision and have read multiple sites with several different theories. Disappointing indeed I feel like I was in the minority for awhile for liking Skrein’s performance better. I get that he looks nothing like his book counterpart, but he was indeed much more convincing than Huisman.

    • jhhj

      Huisman’s Darrio is a writer not a fighter.

  • chris

    Just watched new episode the new guy sucks he’s just not right for the role

    • Jason

      The old guy seemed incredibly fake, I could not believe that character at all, this new guy seems more real.

  • Wendy

    Not happy

  • 1jeanh2

    I am bummed about the re-cast. Ed Skrein looked like a slim young Arnold and that kicked ass. I like this actor, but it’s a weird adjustment.

  • MJ C

    So very unhappy with the recasting. Stupid move.


    I am not happy about the recasting at all. I really liked Ed.

  • sand serpent

    neither of them look anything like the description in the book- didn’t he have blue hair and a moustache?

    • Nick Boelen

      Well, people aren’t exactly born with blue hair.

      • Giulia

        People aren’t exactly born with white hair either, but they use a wig for Daenerys

        • Nick Boelen

          That’s my point. You can’t cast anyone who looks exactly like the character. Blue hair, or white hair for that matter, is the make-up departments job.
          Saying an actor doesn’t look like a character because he has an unnatural hair color or because he doesn’t have a moustache is nonsense.

      • ryan

        its a tv show

        • Nick Boelen

          I’m not the one complainigng about it you know.

          • Dylan Jones

            He wasn’t born with Blue Hair in the books either it was dyed that way, it’s a common Tyroshi (Which he is from Tyrosh, at least in the books, don’t remember the series saying if it was or not) tradition in the lore to dye your hair bright colors, so they could have at least dye it to keep in line with that. That said it’s more about how an actor protrays their character’s persona more than their physical appearance so it wasn’t that big of a deal either way.

    • ryan


  • Sad face

    I loved ed!! Why change to that other guy!! Now I’m not happy to wait for season 4. I wanted some romance with Ed and our awesome mother of dragons!!! This sucks!! Well I guess seeing the dragons is enough:(

  • Khaleesi

    I love ed better!

  • American

    IDK about this Daario but they blew it on Tormund Giantsbane. What happened there? Where’s Tormund’s personality? Har!

  • Bauke

    subscribsion to a gym, a razor and look !!!

    • Das

      haha gooo nederland!

  • Valyrian

    Huge disappointment, I was first liking forward to the blue hair Daario has in the books but that obviously didn’t happen. I didn’t see Ed as Daario but I got used to him and was looking forward to seeing him in season 4. All the recasting is fucking with my emotions and I think that for most of us who watched Treme will never get the pathetic dope fiend image is Huisman out of our heads. Not a fan of the new cast member. He strikes me as a punk that I could beat up. He has a lot to live up to and I don’t think he’ll do anything more than disappoint. I’d still like to know… WHY THE HELL WAS THIS DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

  • Kera

    Definitely going to throw people off… I am actually mad. I want Ed Skrein to step up. It’s not like the character(spoiler alert) even will live past season 4 most likely…. and his character was one i looked forward to most to see translated from page to screen… idk if i can handle these cast changes any more… i might have to stop watching and just pick back up my books :(

    • Soulshock

      well… thanks a lot for the spoiler!!!

      • Not-Daario

        All I will say is that they didn’t give any spoilers, what they said was speculation on what could happen to him.

      • Rhi Drew

        He doesn’t die anyway. That person obviously hasn’t read the book!

    • Jack

      Yes he does live…read a book

  • Lyst

    I was not a fan of the old daario. His teeth really bothered me and it was all I could look at while he was on screen.

  • Tyrone Turner

    Get ready for even more floppy penis!

    • RandomworldG

      Been watching South Park I see !! lol

      • Tyrone Turner

        Absolutely! Best 3 episodes I’ve seen in a while…

  • Helene

    Nooo…. I was looking forward to season 4 mainly because of him… Stupid

  • Teamstark

    Bullshit! Hate when characters are changed! Will ruin what the fans already feel and anticipate. Skein was great as Daario. Bad choice!,,

  • arieslove

    First Jason now Ed ,come on GOT y’all are killing me I need something nice to look at . And you guys keep taking away all my eye candy.

  • Cameron

    I prefer Skein. He’s more…mischievously good looking. I was looking forward to season 4 because of him specifically…but I’m sure this new guy will do a great job…he’s just not…my preference for sexy.

  • Dick Hustler

    i am replacing one of the dragons, deal with it!

  • ed

    this guy looks better..the other was ugly

    • Dick Hustler

      F@G! waaaaahahahahaa

  • dangable

    Skerin was awful, his over acting brought the whole show down.

  • rose21

    Wow. I loved him.

  • J.P

    I caNNot comprehend WhY the heLL hE has he been replaced??!!

    • Chris

      He quit to go do a movie. Did you read the article?

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    Ed fit the image I have from the books. He’s much better looking and more swashbuckling than the Treme dope fiend. Sorry that’s my take. Not a good swap. Like the original Navia in Spartacus, the next girl never had the right fit. Seems like somebody at hbo wanted this kid to work, he must be talented flutist?

    • Nicolai

      Yeah, he must have blown the right guy’s flute to replace Ed. Kudos for mentioning the Naevia replacement, that was just atrocious. What I find rediculous is that there are lots of people who are under the impression that Daario is an ancillary character and nobody really will notice or care that Daario is recast. I think this is untrue, as many fans I speak to are dissatisfied with Huisman as a replacement.

  • WaldaFrey

    i am actually quite pleased with this change, In my opinion, Ed Skrein as Daario felt a bit TOO smug and not remotely likeable. I always thought of Daario as a smug man, but with cheeky core with I like in him. No offence to Ed Skrein, but as soon as I saw Daario in the series, I hated his smug face and wanted to punch it

    • I always thought the book-Daario was eminently punchable. Well, we’ll see how the new one looks.

  • Lisa

    I cannot believe how many people are so upset about this change up. Normally I think it’s cheesy to switch out actors and can really screw with a show’s continuity, but this dude has only been in a few episodes and I was not a fan. I think the chemistry everyone speaks of is more to do with the superb acting of Emilia Clarke than anything else, as the character of Daario has come off as gross and slimy so far. His vibe was used car salesman meets date rapist. I for one am so very excited to see this change and cannot wait to see Michiel Huisman work his magic!

    • LRQ

      Not sure how Clarke’s constant blank, emotionless stare constitutes as superb acting – to me she stands out as the worst of the main cast. I do agree on the sliminess of Skrein’s Daario, though…

      • thegreatcorntrollio

        If you don’t see Clarke’s transformation from the first episode to that fabulous Dracaris moment you don’t understand what this story is about. Easily rivals Walter white. As for this recast, the new guy is all wrong. The first cast more resembles the smarmy character Martin depicts. Somebody at hbo likes sonny and wants him to work, but not a good call at all.

    • thegreatcorntrollio

      That’s how Daario is depicted I’m the books. The new guy doesn’t have the physique or the bone structure for role.

    • GW74

      what is a change “up”? you mean “change”.

    • Ishmoo

      Daario is supposed to come off a little slimy.

  • Stephanie

    Yes, I am sad to see Ed go but I obviously can only accept the change. Oh well. You were beautiful, Ed! I loved the way you fought with Greyworm and Ser Jorah!

  • Crystal Clark

    I’m actually kind of happy to see this change. Daario came across to me as kind of super skeezy in the show, which isn’t how he came across in the books to me, so perhaps Huisman will bring more likability to the character. *fingers crossed*

  • Net

    Guess it comes to the extensive nudity that the role of Daario will portray in next season (of course he is banging the dragon girl) that made Ed Skrein couldn’t agree with the new contract. So HBO ends up recasting someone else. Maybe a full frontal nudity from Michiel?

  • Robbie Moraes

    Once again HBO shows how stupid they put their shows together.

    • McMacBack

      says no one,… EVER. Yeah, because this is the first time anyone ever has been recasted for a show.

    • WaldaFrey

      just no

  • jon777

    What the fuck is this? A soap opera? You don’t CHANGE actors in a series like this unless they die.

  • kevin dziedzic

    maybe Skrein will warg into Huisman and it will be all good

  • Guys, can you all please give Mr. Huisman a chance? He’s a good actor, regardless of whether you were a fan of Ed Skrein or not. Condemning Skrein’s replacement before even seeing him in action is horrible behavior.

    • Robbie Moraes

      It’s an awful show anyway, so who cares who gets replaced?!

    • victorjg89

      theyre not condemning Huisman, theyre condemning the decision of changing the actor without a good reason, THATS a horrible behavior

    • BadRecast!

      NO….he’s unattractive and booooorrring….you guys have your ‘eye candy’ constantly….it’s BS! and this is what HBO gives us women folk a wormy tiny fairy….he stinks! Blahhhhh

  • Jamie

    What? WHYYYYYYY? He was awesome and my new favorite. He was good looking and charming. What’s the reason for this? That guy doesn’t seem to have anything similar and certainly not better to offer.
    This is terrible.

  • Shank

    Jeez, give the new guy a chance, yeah?

  • Jenn

    The worst decision ever!! Huisman does not compare. I’m not going to enjoy that story line nearly as much anymore. Bad move HBO. I’ll definitely be looking for more Ed Skrein in other things!

  • Milo

    This sucks! Ed Skrein has the looks and THAT smile s totally a Daario’ smile! Argh.. what a bummer…

    • Crystal Clark

      But how does Ed Skrein have the looks, when Daario had a beard, blue hair, gold mustache, and wore ridiculously opulent yellow clothing? I’m not knocking HBO for the changes they made, but you can’t really say he looks like Daario when Daario didn’t look like that. And if you haven’t read the books, then you’re only basing his looks on how he’s portrayed in the show. So in effect, you would be saying that he looks like himself and that Huisman doesn’t look like Skrein, which is kind of an unfair comparison. Unless you’re strictly saying that Skrein was good-looking, which Huisman is as well, so that’s really a non-issue.

      • Kera

        u do realize Martin is involved in casting, he chose Ed to portray Daario. Ed should be the guy. and if shows switch up actors for contract reasons, they should at least try and find someone who looks similar and portrays the character as close to the same as possible. I’m upset, i liked Ed.

      • natasha

        As if the new character bears a closer resemblance to the book description. He’s even worse. At least Ed was dreamy.

        • Crystal Clark

          I don’t know, Skrein came across as very skeevy to me. I think Huisman came across as much more likeable than Skrein. Personal opinion though. :)

    • WaldaFrey

      just because he is good looking, does not mean he is right for the part. good on HBO for not wanting to make the mistakes that hollywood has been making for the last 20 years.

      • BadRecast!

        ha…does that BS apply to the ‘ladies’ on the show? BS, they guy is borring and unappealing—ruins the scene.

  • Jeanie

    We’re devastated!!! We watch as group and thought that Ed Skrein did a superb job. The chemestry between them was astronomical. We’ve read all the books and Ed was perfect even if he didn’t look like the character in he book. He looked a lot better!!! We were looking forward to seeing Dany and Daario in the next “chapter” would have been amazing! It’s one of the parts in the series that you can wait to see. very disappointed. Might just wait to read the next book by George R.R. Martin in our book club.HBO was doing a pretty good job so far but to replace such a character is like replacing Sansa or Theon in the middle of the show. That’s when shows go downhill. Killing the characters is one thing it makes for great suspense,but to replace is totally different!
    Since they like having musicians on the show. How about replacing Daario with Mick jagger! Disaster right? Same thing here with Huisman!

    • CrabPeople

      how can you condemn huisman before he has even had a chance to show us what he can do? daario has had very little screentime up untill this point and to be honest, I personally won’t miss him. I found his performance to be flat and lacking in conviction, especially next to Emilia Clarke and Iain Glen. A pretty face does not a second son make

      • BadRecastEver

        does that ‘pretty face’ BS apply to the ‘ladies’ on the show, yeah right….the point is regardless of the ‘book version’ of the character, the original actor was interesting and attractive to us women folks–you guys have lots of ‘eye candy’ it was nice for us to have someone who was interesting and attractive, this new guy is not interesting nor attractive—I could kick his ‘hobbit’ a$$……he ruins the scene, hope his character in this ‘hbo’ version gets swallowed whole by one of Danny’s Dragons—–the blue one–brahahhhhhhh….

        • Nicolai

          Agreed. But all you said doesn’t apply exclusively for the ladies watching the show. Any secure fella could tell you that Daario had charisma and good looks. He was smooth, similar to the original Jaqen Hagar, before he switched faces on Arya. Jaqen and Daario were (are) sexy men, period. It doesn’t matter what gender is viewing them. Homophobes won’t admit when a guy is a hottie or has “it” goin’ on. My wife and I were quite fond of Daario, right from the start. Both of us are rather tired with character replacements not being cast well, or even similar. It reminds me of the hastily selected recasts for the Spartacus show.

  • AlRussell

    So, they’re going to take one of the very few nice looking men (who isn’t scruffy) and hire another “stark lookalike” scruffy guy to replace the hottie? I’m seeing a “Type” preference pattern here. I’ve got no problem with the shaggy look, but we have a plethora of those populating this show, Jaime being the exception. Let us have one different looking character please?

    To be fair, the new guy isn’t all that bad and the first guy did seem a tiny bit too clean and polished. Michiel’s got a certain charisma. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Crystal Clark

      I can’t imagine that they would recast him and totally change the way the character looks as well (or at least not right away) as that would cause even more confusion than a simple recast. Likely they would make him clean shaven and give him the long hair that Skrein had as well.

  • AlRussell

    I don’t see them recasting any of the female hotties. I guess providing US with eye candy isn’t important to the powers that be. Shame. He seemed to be doing a fine job to me.

    • BadRecasting

      AIRussell you are exactly right! No one is replacing the numerous boobie bitches! Sorry, to the male folks out there, women are just as visual as you guys and I would appreciate some ‘eye candy’ meeeself!

  • Sad Panda

    why why why why…why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Deborah Rosa

    I Cant believe they replaced Ed Skrein’s Daario,I thought he did a superb job in that role. I think its a huge mistake!!!!! the chemistry between Emilia and Ed jumped off the TV Screen. I was looking foward to seeing him in Season 4 what a bummer :(

  • Froggage

    This Daario Naharis recast is a disaster. Ed Skrein’s Daario was supremely easy on the eyes, he had panache, and he definitely had both sex appeal and a slightly snaky vibe. And unlike some of the HBO posters, I felt that sparks flew between Skrein and Emilia Clarke. In short, he was perfect. No, he didn’t look like the Daario in the books, but (1) the show hasn’t stayed faithful to the book’s skin/hair color/styling descriptions regarding many of characters from Essos, and (2) the Daario in the books sounded like an off-brand Vegas magician, which, no thanks. Huisman simply isn’t handsome/dashing enough, even if he has chops, and the unruly dark short hair and pale skin also make him look like yet another Stark bannerman.

    GoT has a huge female viewership — you need to make sure that you keep us supplied with eye candy, too. After the Red Wedding, all of our options for Season 4 are either dead, AARP members, morbidly obese, dangerously insane, maimed or otherwise disfigured, incestuous, underage, and/or know nothing. Get your shit together, HBO!

    • Helen K. Davis

      LMFAOOOO@After the Red Wedding, all of our options for Season 4 are either dead, AARP members, morbidly obese, dangerously insane, maimed or otherwise disfigured, incestuous, underage, and/or know nothing. Get your shit together, HBO!…………………AMEN!

    • BadRecast

      brahhhhhh, lol Froggage, you are sooo right….hbo would never replace one of the ‘boobie bitches’…..maybe men don’t want to know this but women are visual too…..

  • lizster

    Skrein was so hot and entrancing as Daario. Way to honk it up. I’m buying Season 3 and I’m done.

  • Nicci

    Super lame. Ed Skrein was perfect as Daario, even if his appearance was not as it was described in the books. I liked the TV version of his character much better. How disappointing. I am becoming skeptical regarding season 4’s potential.

  • zorropurrfect

    We 12 couples who watched together are DEPRESSED that Ed is leaving.The sexual tension was sizzling and boy were we excited about seeing the passion explode between these two powerful personalities in Season 4! In practically all the other shows, sex is so casual and “Hey you’re cute–hop into bed–over” and in this portrayal, the tension was palpable!! Skrein had the conceit, attitude and brutality down pat!! Are these writers and directors CRAZY??? And we all said, “Thank God, no blue hair and weird clothes and 3 beards (we all read the books.)
    Besides, he was GORGEOUS, and those blue eyes and cheekbones, and jaw–whew!! Huisman was definitely not a good choice–no presence and not too good of an actor. BRING BACK E.S.!!!

  • Skyler Harris

    Was looking forward to seeing more of Ed. Such a shame they replaced him with such a crappy actor. Saw Michiel Huisman in WWZ, not a very good actor imo. Should have kept Ed, now GoT may lose some viewers.

    • Haogar

      not a very good movie either, bad example

  • Trixie Dauz

    Ed Skrein would’ve made a good Marillion.

  • unicornicopia

    puuuuuuuuuurple beeeeeeeeaaaaard!!!

  • Gotfan

    Why replace Ed? He was the best thing to happen on season 3. Was really looking forward to seeing more of him.

  • DB75

    HBO has not confirmed anything so let’s hope it’s not true! If they need this guy on the show there are 400 other roles we could shoehorn him into!!

  • Ruby

    I loved Ed!! Despite the differences in appearance his attitude was PERFECT. Sadness, man.

  • Godrik

    Bad move, recasts are awful. Ed Skrein was fantastic, his fight scenes were slick and his confidence second to none! Bad move HBO.

  • Nanda Linn Aung

    umm, a bit awkward.. but yes, life goes on.. i don’t really have any negative impact with Ed Skrein

  • robo-cop-a-feel

    I feel like Ed Skrein wasn’t too good of a choice for Daario Naharis. Daario Naharis is supposed to be a suave yet douchey swashbuckler, not a hard-ass playboy. They didn’t even dress him up like a Tyroshi, which was bullshit.

  • sabe

    Ed Skrein is best !!!

  • Kittens mctavish

    Skein was not hot, and Daario is hot. Sorry! I’m happy. His lips were weird.

    • Ruffian

      Are you kidding me?! You actually think that this new guy is hotter than Ed Skrein and that makes you happy?! You need to wear glasses.

  • Pandora

    NO :( Ed Skrein was so sexy and suave and badass at the same time… I really really interested in how his character was going to play out. No I have not read the books, don’t go all lynch mob on me.

  • mindovermatter

    I hope this is a rumor because I was really looking forward to Skrein as Dario in the next season. I have not read the novel so I suppose my perspective is one sided. However an actor who becomes so likable after only a few scenes must be delivering his role really persuasively. I did not find him good looking in the most traditional sense, but he have a look which sets him apart from the usual blonde guys.

  • heathesq

    I think Screin’s Daario was one of the most exciting and dynamic new characters …his scintillating looks and personality will be greatly missed and will make Danyris’s scenes less sensational for sure.

  • WarmIceQueen

    Ugh. I dislike recasts – plus, Skein wa great.

  • Dolores Winn

    Too bad, Ed Skrein is fine, I thought we had a nice replacement for Jason Mamoa. too bad. i was looking forward to seeing Ed in the Role. Why do they always have to mess w/ perfection?

  • Helen Golduber

    Ed Skrein was perfect and had amazing chemistry with Emilia Clarke. Very upsetting.

    • Aaron

      He looked NOTHING like Daario. But he did pull the requisite douchebag vibe off well, for the character.

    • Not sure I agree with the “chemistry” between the two. I think they communicated that they had the hots for one another but I wasn’t blown away or anything. Didnt think the old actor was bad at all and I generally don’t like breaks in continuity like this so I think I’m a little disappointed about this even if it is a “better” actor.

      • I agree with Jacob here, I was never convinced that they had good chemistry. They both said their lines and moved on. This is such a weird and awkward situation, I’m really conflicted as to how I feel!

  • Evangeline Cortes

    oh no, they didn’t!!

  • DB75

    HORRIBLE NEWS!! Ed Skrein was perfect.

  • VL Vanderveer

    Perhaps this Daario will look like the book character. I think Huisman will be a fine addition, but the issue with Daario is (like other times) the actor and his portrayal of the character do NOT resemble GRRM’s character! Very frustrating. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we at least get some blue hair.

    • Anne

      …look like the book character? God I hope not. Daario looks like a total clown. Blue hair may be acceptable on cartoon characters but not on actual people.

      • Juge

        you know nothing

      • I agree with this. A blue streak might be a good idea, a la Jaqen, but full on blue might be a bit much. Still, I’m hoping Huisman will have some form of styled facial hair, even without the dye.

        • VL Vanderveer

          I would be good with a little homage to the book Daario, simply because even without the blue hair and gold teeth, his attitude was AWESOME. In my mind, the book Daario was such a presence, and we didn’t see that with TV Daario. The appearance just helped make his “bad guy turned good” attitude all the more dramatic, especially because he’s a fairly “uncomplicated” character (I don’t think GRRM knows how to make uncomplicated characters, but go with me here!).

    • angelgr89

      Book Daario looks like a total tool. No ridiculous gold teeth or blue trident beard please.

    • Skyler Harris

      Michiel Huisman is probably the worst choice ever. Have you seen him act? He sucks so bad. No feeling whatsoever.

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