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Cord-Cutters Rejoice! Comcast Offering Internet, Local TV Bundle that Includes HBOGo

By Jacob Klein on Oct 25, 2013 to Featured Post, HBO News

You asked for it and it looks like HBO is going to deliver: through Comcast.  Many of you pledged that you’d pay 20, 30 even 50 dollars a month to be able to use HBOGo without having to subscribe to a costly recurring cable bill.  Today word is that Comcast is offering a bundle that will include 25Mbps internet, Comcast’s Streampix service and, you guessed it: HBO freaking Go!   See for yourself:


Here’s another shot of the offer:


How much, you ask?  How about 40 bucks for the first 12 months?  That sounds like a great deal to us!  Your bill goes to about 70 dollars after a year that still sounds like a great package for your high speed internet, HBO and access to whatever streaming content Comcast adds to their ever-growing library.

Game of Thrones pirates take note:  You’re able to subscribe to HBO Go without the massive bill!

This is quite frankly one of the biggest stories in this reporter’s HBO blogging career as the Home Box Office makes it’s way towards becoming more of the “online-only” option service millions of people around the world have been clamoring for.

We’ll keep you updated as HBO and Comcast comment on this development.  This is a huge piece of news given the recent love affair investors have had with Netflix in the past year.  This could mean major developments for the world of TV and its evolution online as content providers take back control. 

Stay tuned for more details as we’re sure other cable companies are headed in the same direction.

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I live out in the country where cable is not presently, nor any time soon, servicing. So thanks for nothing Time Warner. For those of us who do not want to pay for satellite packages that offer too many inane channels and would prefer to pick our own viewing choices it seems we have no option for HBO. Time Warner cable is outrageously priced and they’ve guarantee the loss of this demographic by refusing to offer a streaming alternative. I’ll stick with Netflix. As greedy as Time Warner is I’m surprised that they let this potential source of revenue slip… Read more »

With the demise of Net-Neutrality, Comcast will probably, in time, make this a better option than Netflix.

All that’s left is for everything to be made available to potential customers across the Atlantic (probably not likely to happen soon), and HBO reigns supreme.

Oh man… making me choose between faster internet and HBOGO??? Oh the agony!

Wow! Way to break the story! Can’t wait to sign up when I move in a few weeks!


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