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Girls is a new series on HBO that chronicles the lives of twenty-something women as they struggle to find their place in the world, or in this case- New York City. Deemed a more modern, young, realistic version of Sex and the City the series is sure to appeal to young men and women alike. Below you'll find all of the latest news items as well as featured articles for HBO's Girls. The award winning writer, director and lead actress: Lena Dunham is the voice of a generation. As with all HBO series you can watch Girls online with HBOGo. Are you one of her many young followers? If you can't find something you're looking for try the search bar above!

Girls on HBO: Sex and the City Revisited?

One might think so at a first approach; four female friends in New York speaking -among others- about their sexual experiences. Already from the first episode a big poster of SATC is hanging on the wall in Shoshanna’s room and she even nicknames herself and her friends after the SATC girls. The intertextuality is screamingly obvious. But don’t be misled. This is a different New York. Not that of the glam of the late nineties. These are highly qualified girls towards their mid twenties, overworked, underpaid, underfucked. This is the epitome of the Humanities graduate in the big city in the 2010s. Hannah’s character incorporates it...

HBO Renews Veep and Girls

HBO Renews Veep and Girls

HBO has just issued a press release indicating that they will indeed renew both new comedy series that premiered this April. Girls and Veep are both set for second seasons presumed to begin next spring around the same time as they premiered this year. This is great news for HBO fans who are looking forward to more episodes of these two wonderful programs. Both shows drew in sizable audiences and those numbers are sure to grow with additional seasons as they gain notoriety and fans. Veep and Girls have both enjoyed praise from citrics.  The commitment for each is set at 10 episodes. Girls season 2 will be graced with 10 new episodes. Veep...

Ratings for HBO’s Girls, Episode 1

It seems like critics can’t stop talking about HBO’s new series Girls. If you were fortunate enough to catch the first episode last night you weren’t alone. 1.1 million viewers tuned in to see Lena Dunham’s new program and that number is sure to rise as the series gains a bit of buzz. Compared to HBO’s other new comedy series, Enlightened, these ratings numbers are great news considering that series both won awards and was renewed by HBO for a second season. We’ll see how Girls’ numbers rise as these weeks go on. 10:30 is a bit late for some and we wonder if the series might see better numbers...

Watch a Full Episode of HBO’s GIRLS Online

HBO had promised us the first episodes of both Veep and Girls online and they have certainly delivered! Not only can you watch the entire episode on HBO Go as you would any other HBO program, you can actually view the episode here, on this page and you cna even share and embed the video elsewhere if you’d like! Here now is the entire pilot episode that aired last night. If you missed it, give this a watch and leave us a comment below with your thoughts on the new series. Girls continues its maiden voyage Sunday nights a 10:30pm. We’d really like to hear from the fans out there. What did you think of the new HBO...

Review Roundup: Are You Ready, Girls?

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the reviews are coming out fast and furious for HBO’s new comedy, Girls, which premieres Sunday night at 10:30 PM US Eastern. And color me intrigued, as I haven’t quite been drawn into the show with the available previews just yet but what some people have to say on the Internets has me eyes open a little wider today. Most of the reviewer reaction is rather positive so far. Here’s a sampling: Ultimately, Girls is achingly original, the sort of television show that comes around but once in a decade, embodying a singular vision and pitch-perfectly capturing a voice. Whether...

HBO offers 1st Episodes of Girls & Veep for Free!

HBO offers 1st Episodes of Girls & Veep for Free!

Audiences Get Free Access To Shows’ First Episodes on, YouTube, Free On Demand Platforms and More Just One Day After Their HBO Network Premiere New York, N.Y., April 12, 2012 – HBO is giving all audiences, including non-subscribers, a chance to discover its two newest original comedy series GIRLS and VEEP, by offering free access to their first full episodes on multiple platforms. Beginning the day after their exclusive premieres on the HBO network, the pilots for GIRLS (HBO premiere: Sunday, April 15 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT) and VEEP (HBO premiere: Sunday, April 22, 10:00 p.m. ET/PT), will go live on, YouTube, DailyMotion,...

GIRLS vs VEEP (part 1): Which Should I Watch?

GIRLS vs VEEP (part 1): Which Should I Watch?

Jef takes a look at two new series coming to HBO in 2012.  Both are said to be great by critics and insiders who’ve already seen the pilot episodes.  Here is his take on Girls with a follow-up on Veep forthcoming! To be clear, I am going to watch both series to start. Every show on HBO gets a chance. It is whether I stick with that show until the end of the season that counts. Let’s just say for now that there has been that rare show or two that I started to watch on our favorite channel and didn’t see it through the end. Now, two new shows are about to premiere and each one wants to capture my attention. They are Lena...

Stars Come out at HBO’s Girls Premiere

HBO’s new series Girls has been called everything from the next Sex and the City to the voice of a generation. At this point many of Hollywood’s finest have seen the series and it has received almost universal acclaim as far as we can tell. The premiere event took place at SVA Theatre and guests like Kevin Bacon, Keira Sedgwick, Claire Danes, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Judd Apatow, Steve Buscemi, Tony Danza, Calvin Klein, and many other stars were shining bright the other night. Reporters were on the scene to capture the magic. Here’s a video report from the Associated Press. Girls premieres on April 15th on...

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