By Jef Dinsmore on Aug 16, 2012 to Boardwalk Empire

Here is a look at the Season 3 poster for BOARDWALK EMPIRE. I think it clearly shows that Nucky Thompson is not the same man he once was. Pick your adjective; he appears ominous, evil, dangerous, deadly etc. Now he was never a good person dealing with the fixed elections & turf wars and the like but he did his dealings with such charm. This image seems to indicate that those days are behind him. I think all better watch out for this man in Season 3. He clearly wants to control the Boardwalk Empire and more!

 Are you ready to return to the Boardwalk?  The show will fill the premium HBO time slot of 9PM on Sunday nights.  Be there this September.

  • SusanMorin

    I’m ready for a more sinister Nucky. Shakes thing’s up!!

  • Jef

    I think most will like or at lesat appreciate the journey Nucky T. is on. I guess it depends on how long he feels he needs to be ruthless to accomplish his ends. We hope you are eager to see it play out Liza.

  • Lisa

    I wonder if the audience will like the new Nucky ?

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