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Boardwalk Empire Season 3: Invitation to the Set

By Jacob Klein on Jun 11, 2012 to Boardwalk Empire Trailers

HBO has released the longest trailer yet in the long-awaited season 3 of Boardwalk Empire.  If you haven’t already seen the first and second trailers for the new season give them a watch first!  In this clip we get to go behind the scenes with the actors, writers and producers that make this amazing show about gangsters in the 1920’s happen.  Earlier we learned that the new season will be jumping ahead in time a few years to 1923 (spoiler alert) well after the death of Mr. Darmody.  Hopefully fans will be able to stomach the loss of such a major character along with the loss of Paz de la Herta. We’ll be doing a feature on Jimmy at some point soon in the future.   The new season is going to focus more on some of the other major gangsters of the same era.  Here’s your Invitation to the Set direct from HBO! –

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Season 3 skips ahead to 1923, and from the trailer, it seems that Margaret is still involved with Nucky. Do we learn what Nucky does when he learns that Margaret ceded his land to the church? The highway deal would be worth millions, and Nucky is counting on it to regain his fortunes; he is not going to be very pleased!

Or does Katy–feeling betrayed by Owen and Margaret’s tryst–spitefully fail to deliver the deed to the church?

I can’t wait to find out!

Season 3 looks awesome ! Looks like Capone and New York will play a bigger part this year. Margaret comes into her own this season and Nucky and Rothstein working together against their mutual enemy..How great does Bobby Cannavale look as a gangster too. But the best part of this trailer for me is seeing Harrow with little Tommy. So happy to see Richard have his own storyline this year.


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