Boardwalk Empire S3: In Memoriam

By Charlie Harwood on Dec 17, 2012 to Boardwalk Empire, Featured Post


This article contains heavy spoilers related to Season Three of Boardwalk Empire. If you do not wish to know which characters were killed last season, then this post isn’t for you. You have been warned!

It’s not easy being a gangster. Just ask Gyp Rosetti. That is, if you can find the hole they threw him into. It was certainly an interesting year on the Boardwalk to say the least. As a new wave of players descended upon Atlantic City for Season Three, we witnessed a level of violence that hadn’t been seen before. At the forefront of this was the ruthless and maniacal gangster Gyp Rosetti. Armed with a dull wit and brutally violent temper, the Sicilian was a breath of fresh air for was was seemingly a drowning storyline. Of course, Nucky Thompson’s own inner demons were on display as he began killing anyone who posed a threat to his vast empire, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. All-out war was waged during Season Three, and the bodies starting piling up. From innocent bystanders to lethal enforcers, it seemed as though no one was safe.

Season Three of Boardwalk Empire may be over, but here at HBOWatch, we like to keep the action going by bringing our readers exclusive content all year long. So, in our best attempt to honor those who have fallen, here is a memoriam we have put together remembering all the half-gangsters we lost on the Boardwalk during S3:

Need more? Check out our Season Three Recap and Predictions page and join the debate on what will happen next season. Also, make sure to comment on this post and tell us your favorite death from Season 3!

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Richard Parker
What charisma the show lost at the end of Season 2, it found in Gyp. The writers of this show are fantastic, to juggle all of these people and put them through character changing arcs. Everyone always talks about the “complexity” of one show or another, but I honestly believe this show has more substance than any thing else on the market right now. By substance, I mean the thickness of each episode, how much rich story you’re getting out of one hour, how little filler there is. It’s quite amazing. The creators of the show spoke about how the… Read more »
Eleonora Iafano
Loved Richard Harrow from beginning to end. I have to admit – the scenes between Gillian and Gyp were electric! You got the impression they were both playing each other, of course, to see just how far each was willing to go for the sake of a little, ahem, “fun.” I was glad that Eli and Nucky were able to more or less patch up their rocky relationship during the course of Season III. As for Margaret – yes, she was wrong to sleep with Owen. Yes, she was feeling neglected by Nucky and sought excitement elsewhere. Nucky was also… Read more »
Tara Mazzucca

I loved this season!!! It was a fantastic showcase for everyone involved. After season 2 with Jimmy killed, I vowed never to watch again. Then my sister reminded me I still had Owen and Richard to root for. After Owen died, and I saw the preview for the finale, I was afraid I was going to go 3 for 3. So glad Richard is such a badass :)


I agree on the scene with Richard. So rewarding! And Gyp getting his while in a ehm, vulnerable position was also great. This is the best written Series on TV, no question.

Jacob Klein

Awesome video! This will be a yearly tradition on HBOWatch, I’m sure.


I absolutely love the scene where Richard kills everyone in the brothel. That guy is supremely badass! Nucky should have recruited him to take out Rosetti. Richard would have just sniped him from 10,000 miles away. Oh well, lesson learned I guess.


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