Boardwalk Empire: AC, Chicago, New York

By Cian Gaffney on Aug 25, 2013 to Boardwalk Empire, Boardwalk Empire Trailers

boardwalk13_02__1377431439_109.76.172.236HBO continues to build up the hype for season 4 of Boardwalk Empire. Four new videos, all containing new footage, have been uploaded to their YouTube channel. Each short video gives us a brief insight into what will be happening in each of the three major cities this upcoming season (Harlem has been given its own video to showcase Valentin Narcisse and what he brings to the table).

Here’s Atlantic City’s video, focusing on Nucky, Chalky and Eli:

Here’s Chicago’s video, focusing on Al Capone and his brothers, Frank and Ralph:

Here’s Harlem’s video, focusing on newcomers Valentin Narcisse and Daughter Maitland:

Last but certainly not least, here’s New York’s video, focusing on Lansky, Luciano and Rothstein:

Author’s Note: It certainly looks like we’re in for a treat this year! With just two weeks to go, HBO are really coming out guns blazing with regard to their promotion of the season. All four videos were great, but the highlights for me have to be Chicago and New York. Stephen Graham’s portrayal of Capone is stellar, and since I am a huge fan of The Wire, I can’t wait to see how Domenick Lombardozzi (with hair!!) will fit in as Ralph Capone. New York, on the other hand, is a different ball game altogether, as the view count alone on the video would indicate. Michael Stuhlbarg’s Rothstein is fascinating to watch, and he is definitely one of the best portrayed and acted characters on the show. Watching the interactions between him, Lansky and Luciano as the latter gains more money and power will be a sight to behold.

The new season premieres on September 8th at 9PM

  • Monica Forman

    I agree with VL Rothstein is wearing a regular tie. Rothstein never wore regular ties; bow ties were his trademark. If you’re looking for info on shows maybe go to

  • Nahojism

    Those videos are making the wait even harder. :)

  • VL Vanderveer

    What bugs me about this – and maybe it’s just me – is that in the NY clip, Rothstein is wearing a regular tie. Rothstein never wore regular ties; bow ties were his trademark, just like the real Nucky (Johnson, not Thompson) always wore carnations. Oh well – I guess it’s just me being too nit-picky! Awesome job, Cian!

    • Hmm, it’s strange that a show that consistently shows such attention to detail would slip up like that! I can’t think of any reason he would wear a tie…we’ll have to wait and see I suppose!

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