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Bill Nye the Science Guy Joins Bill Maher

By Jacob Klein on Sep 11, 2013 to Real Time with Bill Maher


REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER returns from hiatus and resumes its 11th season FRIDAY, SEPT. 13 (10:00-11:00 p.m. live ET/tape-delayed PT), with a replay at 11:00 p.m., exclusively on HBO. Allowing Maher to offer his unique perspective on contemporary issues, the show includes an opening monologue, roundtable discussions with panelists, and interviews with in-studio and satellite guests. Emmy® winning scientist Bill Nye is the mid-show interview guest. The roundtable guests are economist Zanny Minton-Beddoes, former Lt. Governor Michael Steele and editor Matt Taibbi. The top-of-show interview guest will be announced when confirmed.

HBOWatch: Well, I’m betting /r/atheism and /r/science are equally happy today. Bill Nye is a god amongst men in certain circles and we can’t wait to hear what he has to say on the issues of the day. Neil Degrasse Tyson is also a fan favorite scientist and friend of Real Time. His previous appearances were very entertaining as he spoke truth to stupid. Let’s hope Mr. Nye can do the same.

We’ve all been eager to hear Bill’s thoughts on Syria and the other issues that have arisen since his break started this summer. Tune in this Friday for all the goods.

We’ll update this post when we know who the top of the show guest is.

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Dang it. I don’t have HBO.

Real Time is available as a podcast at It’s audio only (except for his “New Rules” bits which get released individually, but I’ve found that it’s usually good enough to get most of the show.

I would love to watch, but I cannot afford HBO.

If you’ve got a friend of family member with HBO hang out at their house on Friday night! Or it will be on HBOGo at the same time if you can borrow their login. IT’S FOR SCIENCE, MAN!


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