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BILL MAHER: LIVE FROM DC – A Strong Special for HBO

By Jef Dinsmore on Sep 17, 2014 to HBO Specials

MAHER_DCHBOWatch does not always offer up every ratings statistic that comes along, but every once in a while if others are buzzing about it we might hit on it as well. Such is the case with Bill Maher’s tenth special for the premium channel. BILL MAHER: LIVE FROM DC is HBO’s most matched comedy special in nearly five years.

If you missed the HBO Comedy Special (shame on you) you missed his scrutiny on such topics as income inequality, Donald Trump and the puzzle that is politics including, of course, the Republicans. The routine played out Live on Friday, 09.12 at 10:00pm and was repeated again. The total numbers read as 1.1 million viewers and after the repeat jacked it up to 1.6 million.

The special’s 1.6 million viewers did not unseat the top special for the channel which was a concert from the comedic giant who we lost this year – Robin Williams. He wowed the audience with ROBIN WILLIAMS: WEAPONS OF SELF DESTRUCTION (a sad title at this point), which aired 12.06.09. 

If you missed Bill Maher’s event catch it across the channels and on HBOGo. It is a winner!   

(Source: Deadline)  

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