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Beam HBOGo to Your TV with Chromecast

By Jacob Klein on Mar 31, 2014 to HBO News

There are several ways to get HBO Go content onto your home theater system but unfortunately most of them require an expensive piece of hardware such as recent gaming console or a separate, $100+ box of some sort.  But what if you don’t want all that hassle or extra cost?  Of course you can use the HBOGo app on the your phone or iPad but you just want HBO’s complete library on your TV?

I’ve recently had the pleasure of using Google’s new Chromecast.  I picked one up as soon as I heard the recent news that HBOGo would be made compatible with the device.  The great thing about this little thingamabob is that you can get one for around thirty-five bucks and it requires very little technical know-how and/or setup.  In fact here’s the packaging which includes the entirety of the instructions (via androidcentral):


If you can’t read that you’ll just plug what looks like a normal-sized thumb drive into an open HDMI port on your TV or receiver.  From there you’ll need to power it (HDMI does not provide power) so you have the option of plugging it into a USB port (many home-top devices have USB ports these days including cable boxes, TVs, game consoles etc) OR you can actually just plug it into the wall with an included AC Adapter.  From there you just bring up the input on your TV and navigate to the URL you see there from another device on the same Wifi network the Chromecast is going to live on.

Okay, so here’s where it gets cool:  You can send video to your TV from almost any HBOGo app on the same Wifi Network!  This includes your phone (Android & Apple), tablet (I’m using a Nexus 7 which runs around two hundred clams, normally) or whatever other crazy devices the world comes up with that end up supporting HBOGo.  I will say though that while Chromecast technically works via your laptop (or any device running Chrome) I had a MUCH better experience with my tablet than I did with the Chrome extension.

This functionality is built-in to the HBOGo app so once you set up your Chromecast, you’re done!  Just look for this button within the app (or other apps like Netflix, Hulu etc):

Super easy, right?  Just make sure your phone or tablet is fully charged during those 5 hour Game of Thrones marathons.  Oh, who are we kidding just plug that thing in, you’re going to be here for a while.

This video pretty much sums it up:

To celebrate Chromecast’s new compatibility with HBOGo we’d like to give away a brand new Chromecast!  Just leave a comment below (using a contactable email address of course!) telling us what show you’ll binge on first with your new Chromecast/HBOGo combo set.  See?  It’s cheap enough that even THESE poor bloggers can afford to give one away.

A few business items:

-This is only available to our readers in the USA (sorry!)
-You must be 18 years of age or older (we’ll take your word for it)
-You must be willing to give us your address (to send the thing to you, silly)

-We must be able to get ahold of you (use an email address you can check in the comments below)

So if you’re like us and are looking for a seamless way to get HBOGo’s content onto your home theater system we recommend giving this solution a try if you’re tight on cash and want a simple fix to this first world problem.

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I am disabled so it is hard to hold my tablet while watching
true blood and game of thrones. I am limited to funds so a free chromcast would be a blessing!

Game of thrones!

I would binge watch everything. I enjoy rewatching episodes of GoT and True Blood, and I’ve actually never seen an episode of The Sopranos, so I’d like to start binge watching that first. I’ve also gained a new interest in The Wire.

I’d more than likely watch GoT for the umpteenth time! Love that show.

I really want to watch The Wire since I’ve heard so many good things about the series.

Loretta Marie McCarthy

Will I need to buy HBO to watch it on my tv?

Cora Porterfield Stover

Game of Thrones! Best…show…ever!! I work nights at a dispatch center and would love to be able to watch something other than infomercials at work! :-)

I just purchased a 60in TV for the living room. Just in time for Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley! I cant wait! The only thing missing is how to get it from my little phone to my TV!

Game of Thrones marathon best show

GAME OF THRONES. I live in the dorms and don’t have access to HBO :( I’m planning on watching GoT online but this Chromecast will save me from the shame of not watching the episodes right when they air.

What wouldn’t I binge watch is the question. Game of Thrones is a the top of the list but Boardwalk Empire is also up there.

Game of thrones of course!

I’m going to binge on every show possible via Chromecast HBOgo. Isn’t that the point of Chromecast ;)

Game of Thrones of course! One can never binge watch that show enough times. Each time I see a new detail.

Silicon Valley and Last Week Tonight.

Game of Thrones, you can’t beat fire and blood and death!

Totally obsessed with GOT and need this! I have like 3 friends who have never seen it and need to catch on using my HBOgo and this Chromecast, I mean, we can’t all sit around and watch my cell phone, can we?

Veep. Gotta get caught up.

The Wire!


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