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HBO Watch is staffed by these contributing authors.  They bring you the news stories, commentary and analysis you’ve come to expect each and every day from HBO Watch.  We are the only blog / news site dedicated %100 to bringing you all the latest HBO series news on the web.  If you’d like to join our ranks and think you’ve got what it takes please contact us today!


Jacob KleinJacob Klein
(Founder/Editor in Chief)

Our fearless leader and founder, Jacob writes much and more of the content that make their way to the front pages of HBOWatch.  He heads up our team of writers and composes all of the tweets, Google + updates and Facebook statuses you’ve come to rely on every day!

Articles by Jacob
Contact: Jacob on Twitter | Google Plus | Personal Website | Email


jefme CopyJef Dinsmore

Jef was the very first addition to the HBOWatch writing team.  This guy has a valuable background that includes an extensive knowledge of HBO’s long and storied history and also keeps an eye on some of the more obscure HBO programs and documentaries that we sometimes miss (but shouldn’t!)

Articles by Jef
Contact: Email


photoCharlie Harwood

26 year old college senior, amateur musician, and eccentric personality from Northern California.  I’m a modern man, but I miss the 90′s and my life revolves around my love for food, music, and laughing. I consider life a gift and live it to the fullest everyday.

Articles by Charlie
Contact: Charlie on Twitter | Google Plus  | Email


Tara MazzuccaTara Mazzucca
(Staff Writer)

Tara is an actor and writer who is also an avid daydreamer.  She imagines life as one big adventure!  Tally-ho!  Tara covers  Follow her blog at and look forward to her new webseries, premiering this spring!

Articles by Tara
Contact: Google Plus | Email


MJ SnowMJ Snow
(Staff Writer)

MJ Snow is a Canine and avian behavior specialist by day; a role player, blogger and writer by night.  A long time George RR Martin fangirl and Game of Thrones Addict, MJ spends way too much time in Westeros. MJ is the founder of The Snow Keep, a short story and fan-ficiton blog and The Brothers Clegane, a Sandor & Gregor Clegane tribute blog, she also co-curates several other Game of Thrones themed blogs.

Articles by MJ
Contact: MJ on Twitter | Google Plus | The Snow Keep | Email


156616 477073912168 3802151 n 150x150Cian Gaffney
(Staff Writer)

It might sound like a strange name but that’s because he’s Irish!  Cian prefers some of the old classics to the new shows, such as The Wire, Deadwood and Rome.  His favorite currently airing shows are Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and Treme.

Articles by Cian
Contact: Cian on Twitter | Google Plus | Email

BrandiBrandi McCormick
(Staff Writer)

Brandi McCormick is an entertainment blogger, undeniable realist, and dinosaur connoisseur living in Austin, TX. She’s been called a ‘walking IMDB’ by those closest to her, and she often finds herself on the winning 16th place pub trivia team come Saturday nights. When she’s not coming up with a multitude of Sarcasm-based fonts, she can be found with her face buried in a book. Or a burger. It really just depends on the day.

Articles by Brandi
Contact: Brandi on Twitter | Google Plus | ReelSnarky | Email


photo1Eleonora Iafano
(Staff Writer)

Eleonora is a a P/J/I teacher who absolutely LOVES all things Game of Thrones. She’s a ‘happy go lucky’ kind of lady who loves to read (and write) HBO Watch character profiles.  Be sure to check back for more from her or take a look at her blog.

Articles by Eleonora
Contact: Eleonora on Twitter | Google Plus | Winds of Westeros | Email



David Pergolini
(Staff Writer)

David Pergolini is based out of Atlanta, GA. Follow his work and blog at, and follow him on twitter!

Articles by David
Contact: David on Twitter | Google Plus | David Pergolini | Email

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