Andrew Rannells Returns to GIRLS

By Jef Dinsmore on Oct 31, 2013 to Girls

Girls_RannellsBack on 01.18.13 we reported that Andrew Rannells, Tony nominated for his lead role in Broadway’s Book of Mormon, stepped out of his role of Elijah in GIRLS. He had scheduling conflicts when he got a lead role in a California based sitcom called The New Normal. Now that that show only lasted one season Mr. R was free to return to Lena Dunham’s New York based set.

 As fans remember Elijah is a gay ex-boyfriend of Hannah Horvath’s in Season Two. Andrew will appear in Season Three episodes premiering 01.12.14 and is contracted to become a series regular if the show goes into a Season Four.

 So, expect Elijah to reenter Hannah’s life in some way. Will they reconnect?   


  • MJ Snow

    I love Elijah! This is the best news, ever! (For me!) I was really concerned we’d not see much of him this season, as he was involved in other projects. I’m so happy about this!!!

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