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Amy Adams & HBO Play With SHARP OBJECTS

By Jef Dinsmore on Apr 5, 2016 to Sharp Objects

SharpObjectsA drama series form the pen of Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) is now a vehicle for Amy Adams. HBO has locked in an eight-episode season for SHARP OBJECTS to star the DC Universe’s latest Lois Lane. In this story, however, she is far removed from that character. Here, we picked a description from its Amazon page to describe it:

Camille Preaker, once institutionalized for youthful self-mutilation, now works for a third-rung Chicago newspaper. When a young girl is murdered and mutilated and another disappears in Camille’s hometown of Wind Gap, Mo., her editor, eager for a scoop, sends her there for a human-interest story. Though the police, including Richard Willis, a profiler from Kansas City, Mo., say they suspect a transient, Camille thinks the killer is local. Interviewing old acquaintances and newcomers, she relives her disturbed childhood, gradually uncovering family secrets as gruesome as the scars beneath her clothing.  

This concept is going straight to series with Marti Noxon (Code Black, Mad Men) as showrunner. She will also write a number of episodes alongside Flynn. Dominating the directing chores is Jean Marc Vallée who will direct all eight installments. Don’t forget he is also directing BIG LITTLE LIES for HBO as well.

We can’t help but notice that HBO is liking the short season run of some series. In the old days a season was like 22 episodes. Now in a full season 10 is good enough but trimmed down to 8 or sometimes 6 is acceptable.Who knows? Maybe the strategy has its merits because some don’t want to invest a lot of time in their TV choices. SHARP OBJECTS might just be enough to tell the story of Camille Preaker.  Are you good with that trend? How about this particular premise or its leading lady? Hopefully, we will have fun playing with SHARP OBJECTS once it arrives. Stay tuned.    

(Source: Deadline)

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Vallée told Collider that filming for Sharp Objects begins on March 6th. Hopefully we will have some exciting casting news some time soon.

[…] “We also have Jean-Marc Vallee doing Sharp Objects with Amy Adams starring and Marti Noxon writing — that’s coming up in 2018 or ’19.”, Casey Bloys in an interview with THR after last night’s Golden Globes

Thanks for that bit of news. I will file that away. Bloys must have had a boring night as HBO was shut out of Globes this year.

Yeah, sadly. I’m not glad to say that but I begin to worry about HBO’s unique reputation that they earned over the years also by basically running the table at major award presentations. It might be complaining about first world problems since their Emmy winning streak over other networks is still unbroken. Still… FX came pretty close last year and there are so many networks these days who are strongly aiming at HBO’s top spot.

Any information on when filming starts? HBO’s “What’s Coming to HBO in 2017” promotion has no mention of Sharp Objects. I recently read the novel and it instantly became one of my favorite. Can’t wait to see this on HBO.

The director for SHARP OBJECTS is Jean-Marc Vallee who just got BIG LITTLE LIES to air. I’m sure production has ramped up and that we will SHARP OBJECTS in the latter half of 2017.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m still not sure if a 2017 premiere is realistic since they only announced Amy Adams as part of the cast, but I’m always open to conviction. I personally have the strong belief that HBO will promote Sharp Objects in the dimension of True Detective season 1. Back then they published a first tease in June 2013 before finally starting the show in January 2014, as you surely recall. So I almost fear that we will eventually have to wait until the first quarter of 2018. But I think they should take all the time… Read more »

The Westworld fall spot is another 8-9 months in the future, so it’s not impossible.
The most important thing is to get the quality right. Maybe the Alan Ball family drama will air this fall and Sharp Objects in 2018 – either way, it will be for the best.

Well, if we are going to throw out titles then Simon’s THE DEUCE will come to air first.

It all means exciting programming for HBO and us.

Leftovers & TheDeuce are my 2017 highlights. I’l be disappointed if they push the already wrapped TheDeuce to October.

Simon, Pelecanos, R. Price in the Writer’s Room. Michelle McLaren & HBO vets Uta Briesewitz & Ernest Dickerson helming most of the episodes. Very exciting!

Yeah, true words. Hope The Deuce will be a worthy successor of The Wire and Treme. But is there actually any doubt when David Simon is involved?

I am glad that you and Jonas are so enthused. Don’t be strangers. Come back to HBOWatch often to let us know what you like.

Around here we always prefer quality over timeliness and quantity. When we know more we will share it.

One of the producers said on twitter that HBO ordered 8 but they have plans for more seasons if HBO is down for it. I doubt Amy Adams would sign on for a multi season thing though so maybe anthology style is what they mean

HBO is looking for hits and hopes that this might be one of them. They might try to woo her pretty intently if all goes well. Time will tell.

“In the old days a season was like 22 episodes.” No, never. HBO used to have 13 eps (The Sopranos, The Wire, Six Feet Under). Never 22, this is network TV regular count. But yes, these days they are way short with 8. Sure, Oz used to have 8 as well, but it was a furious solo labor for Tom Fontana, so that is understandable.

I wasn’t referring to HBO specifically there but to TV in general. Believe me I know my business I have been watching HBO since the late 1970’s.

I would only accept 6 to 8 episodes for a limited run series. Any less than that and it seems obvious that viewers aren’t going to be that invested. It was a strategy that didn’t help Hello Ladies, Getting On and Life’s Too Short so if this is an ongoing series, good luck getting viewers to buy into something the network doesn’t seem committed to pushing to it’s full potential as a major series.


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