A Few Tidbits on True Detective Season 2

By Kareem Fayek on May 12, 2014 to True Detective

Becoming a striking hit with an 11 million viewer fan-base in its first season, it’s pretty assuring that True Detective will be back for a second season. Identified as an anthologized series – the show will completely scrap its cast, characters, and storyline to start afresh in Season 2. And with a generic series title like ‘True Detective’, it gives show creator Nic Pizzolatto the chance to truly take the next season practically wherever and whenever he wants.


We know fans have been clamoring for any and all news in relation to the second season. And the Brad Pitt rumors didn’t help!  While we don’t even have an exact premeire date yet a few tidbits have emerged over the past few weeks that we thought would interest HBO fans:

There will be ties to Southern California

Pizzolatto said that he’d be prepared to leave the Gulf Coast setting of True Detective’s first season (and of his novel, Galveston) possibly moving west towards California. He told BuzzFeed in an interview that he’d been “reading about the last forty years of Southern California government”.

Wherever Pizzolatto decides to take his plot next, it will be an authentic, genuine location that’s suitable for a difficult crime worthy of an eight episode anthology. It will be a place you don’t usually see on TV: “We’re generally concerned with the places that don’t get much press and where you wouldn’t normally set a television show,” said Pizzolatto at the 2014 Winter Television Critics Association Tour. “Dominant Colors will change. South Louisiana was green and burnished gold”.

‘Hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system’ are all involved in the plot.

Nic Pizzolatto has been mostly tight-lipped about season 2 but he dropped this decent hint in an interview following the Series finale with Hitfix’s Alan Sepinwall. “This is really early, but I’ll tell you (it’s about) hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system,” he told Hitfix.

There will be more than one director working on Season 2

The first season’s constant aesthetic was generally the result of having one writer and one director work on every episode, an unusual approach in television. With that now being impossible for Season 2 due to logistical reasons, Pizzolatto has been reportedly talking to a couple of ‘great guys’ about working on the show and has every hope of preserving a consistent aesthetic throughout the episodes.

The dual POV was well fit for the first season but Pizzolatto is not limited to that method. There are rumors that he may address some of the gender-bias criticisms the show has been by casting two lead female detectives.

Pizzolatto is devoted to telling the story that he wants to tell with the characters that are right for it. They may be male, they may be female; there may be a duo, there may be a team.
All in all, a sequence of individual seasons, each with its own story, its own characters and its own aesthetic would help endure True Detective’s solid reputation. Best just to leave it in Pizzolatto’s skilled hands.  If one thing is for sure, it’s that HBO has the makings of a potential major hit series on its hands.

The script is “in production”

If none of that puts your mind at ease take solace in the fact that the script is being written RIGHT NOW!  Nic could be sitting at a desk much like the one you’re at now, hunched over a script laughing into the night as you read this. Isn’t that comforting?!

No word on a True Detective season 2 premiere date but you know we’ll update our series premiere schedule when we know.  We’re assuming Winter 2015 for now but that is unofficial (if probable).

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Not to sound like an asshole, but that latinpost link is complete bullshit. I mean it contains only rumors (previously posted on other sites). And we still don’t know if the script is being written RIGHT NOW, I’m sorry. Last time I heard, Pizzolatto said that his ideas for Season 2 are still pending HBO’s approval. And let’s not forget the show hasn’t officially been picked up for a second year. I would say I’m cautiously optimistic that we will eventually see a second season (probably late 2015 if they don’t start shooting soon -which is by the way, I… Read more »

ehhhh yeah but anything could be happening behind the scenes right now. He’s working on the script idea and casting/directors, there’s no doubt. A Summer 2014 filming schedule still isn’t out of the question and they could still make a Jan 2015 date with that schedule.

Granted I’d feel better about this whole thing if they started filming in June as opposed to August but assuming things aren’t totally FUBAR at the moment there isn’t a cause to doubt season 2 won’t be in Early 2015 still.

i concur with all of that. A problem with any entertainment is that audiences are too impatient and demand their stories when they want them, which is always NOW. Real quality work doesn’t happen that way and HBO is full aware of that. It all takes time to gestate. If anyone rushes into Season 2 it will fail. I always say Quality must dictate of Quantity and now, I must add Frequency. Season 2 is crucial for TRUE DETECTIVE; I say if you take your time and write, design, cast and shoot it right we will accept the characters, plot… Read more »

I can’t wait for Season 2, but I can’t help but think that it has insurmountable standards to live up to. There was a huge amount of hyperbole being thrown around while the show was airing, and I’d hate to see the second season being labelled as a possible “disappointment” even if it isn’t.

Yeah Im with you. It needs some huge names to carry it and satisfy that “it wont be the same without X star” bullshit.
Season 2 is more important than Season 3 or 4 even. Gotta show that lightning can strike twice and it wasn’t just that one script.

Exactly! I’m fed up of the typical “It won’t be the same without McConaughey” crap…but of course it won’t be the same, that’s the entire point of an anthology! You’re right though, as long as the second season is pretty good, it’s great news for the show.


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