A Certain Stark Won’t Return for Game of Thrones Season 5

By Jacob Klein on Oct 8, 2014 to Game of Thrones

WARNING: This post may contain what some may consider to be minor Game of Thrones spoilers. Continue at your own discretion.


It may be the worst time of year for Game of Thrones fans. It has been six months since the previous Game of Thrones season began and it will be six more months of winter before Game of Thrones season 5 premieres this spring.

So every little piece of news is something we fans cling to. Speaking of clinging: we’ve already heard that Bran and Hodor will not be appearing in GoT season 5 and that fact already puts us down one Stark this year. But now we can confirm that another Stark will be out of the picture for a while: little Rickon Stark.

Book readers already know that Rickon plays what amounts to a very minor role in the series. We see him take off up near The Land of Always Winter beyond the wall and then we sort of… never hear from him again. Now, this isn’t to say he isn’t alive or living it up on an iceberg or preparing his triumphant, magical return– no one really knows.  But today we can pretty much confirm that we won’t be getting an update on Rickon Stark in Game of Thrones season 5.

Speaking to a reporter at the premiere of Dracula Untold Art Parkinson, the child actor who plays Rickon didn’t sound particularly involved in making Game of Thrones season 5:

“I’d like [Rickon] to come back to Bran and sort of the whole family to come back together again, which would be great, but you never know.”

When asked about Bran and Hodor taking a break for Season 5 he said:

“I haven’t heard about that yet, but hopefully [he’ll] come back as a stronger character.”

This would also mean that fan favorite, Osha will also be on the outs this year since she was escorting Rickon north last time we heard from her.

Here’s the full interview on the red carpet:


While he stopped short of completely ruling out a Rickon reunion this year we can all certainly speculate and draw the conclusion that he most likely will not appear in Game of Thrones season 5.

What are your hopes (and fears) for this littlest Stark? Will he triumphantly return to the battlefield with his direwolf? Will he be the only true heir to Winterfell? When will we see him next?  Find out (eventually) as Game of Thrones continues in 2015.

  • Kenny

    Also, I think the actor who plays Bran stated he was indeed filming scenes for the show. I believe that the actor who plays Hodor will not be seen. This is understandable considering that Bran’s storyline is almost where it is in the books. Any other scenes are rather…stationery.

  • Eleonora Iafano

    I really hope to see Rickon in The Winds of Winter. I want him and Shaggydog to come back to the fold, but have a feeling he won’t be reunited with Bran or Hodor. I’d like to see Rickon be reunited with Jon or remain under the protection of Ser Davos and Stannis Baratheon. #TheNorthRemembers

  • Stefan Petre

    Uhmm “We see him take off into The Land of Always Winter” ??? No we don’t :))
    They just go up North … Spoilers : They go to the island of Skaagos (where cannibals and unicorns live)

    • Noted and corrected :) I changed it to “NEAR” TLOAW

      • Stefan Petre

        … I hate doing this … I always sound like a d-bag … but : Skagos is directly East of the Wall , while TLOAW is North-West … so no , nowhere near TLOAW. To be accurate they went East from where they were (somewhere in The Gift)

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