A Certain Nude Scene to be Filmed for Season 5

By Jacob Klein on Sep 4, 2014 to Game of Thrones


The cameras on the set of Game of Thrones roam far and wide to capture the magical world of Westeros. In fields, on the water, in the mountains and even inside historical churches. A church in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik is one such location where GoT season 5 has been shooting. But when certain citizens of Dubrovnik heard that a certain nude scene involving Cersei Lannister would be shot in their holy site they rallied to have the filming nixed.

But fear not, nudity… I mean Game of Thrones fans!  The scene is BACK ON!  Well.. almost. A compromise has been reached and the church scene itself will be filmed on a green screen.  A “fake set” if you will and the location will be added into the background digitally.  Did we just ruin the movie magic for you?  We doubt you’ll be thinking about it as you watch what’s sure to be a powerful spectacle and a turning point for Ms. Lannister.

If I were a betting man I’d say chances are around 112% that we’ll see even more nude scenes this season as well.  But now we can guarantee you at least this one. you can all sleep easier tonight.

We won’t spoil the plot for another still reading or watching so you’ll just have to wait for Game of Thrones season 5 next spring to see for yourself.

  • Eleonora Iafano

    As a book reader, this scene is vital. Yes, I have been criticized for liking Game of Thrones because it’s brutal and violent towards women. In my defence, it is a show that takes place in a medieval society. It wasn’t all wine and roses. Secondly, Cersei Lannister’s fall from grace and spiral into madness needs to be shown. This nude scene is not about being “sexy” – it’s more about how low Cersei has sunk and how many of her lies and plots have finally come to light. It’s about stripping her of her dignity and pride. You know that saying, “pride goes before the fall” – this is a case where Cersei has to be brought to the lowest point in her life and she has to be made to pay for her many sins. As a high ranking woman in a medieval society, she could have done a lot of good and used her power for good. She deliberately chose not to. So, her actions will have major consequences.

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