10 Things I Want to See in True Blood Season 5

By Brandi McCormick on May 20, 2012 to True Blood

It’s almost that time again–the time when the countdown to the premiere of True Blood hits fever pitch and wannabe fangbangers the world over can hardly contain their anxiousness. I myself am very excited about the season 5 premiere (just less than one month away!), and to hold you (and me) over until June 10, I wanted to talk about what I most want to see from this upcoming season. Please feel free to comment and tell me what you want to see too!

1. I want to see Jason become a werepanther hybrid, and then kill Crystal.

Because she’s AWFUL.

2. I want to see Bill stop being so emo. 

Seriously, what is with his hair?

3. I want to see Eric and Sookie get it on again. 

For obvious reasons.

4. I want to see the introduction of Quinn!

(For those that read the books,  you’ll know who this is. For those that don’t, I’ll just say “tiger.”)

5. I want Sookie and Alcide to get in on FINALLY. 

There is too much flannel separating those two crazy kids.

6. I need Russell to co-anchor another edition of nightly news.

Snazzy catchphrase and all. I mean just look at that screen presence!

7. I want Eric’s sister Nora to become BFFs with Sookie.

Girl power! (Literally)

8. I want Steve Newlin the Vampire to drain someone wearing a sweater vest. 

God hates those who do not color coordinate, and all.

9. I want Christopher Meloni to solve a vampire-related crime.


10. I want Sam and Alcide to become BFFS.

I mean, wouldn’t that be just the cutest interspecies bromance EVER? They could rule the world in plaid.

So some of those may be long shots, I get it. But a girl can dream can’t she?  True Blood season 5 begins on June 11th so I guess we’ll see what happens then.  What do you want to see, Truebies?

  • Jo

    my wishes (more a dreams) for the S5, more for the end – of course, is that Eric and Pam go to Eric’s apartment in Paris or his plantation in Barbados or his farm in Oland, spend your time enjoying his undead life. fucking and not giving a shit for what happens in Louisiana.

    Sookie can continue in Merlottes, married or with Sam or with Alcide and have pile of puppies.

    Tara to know the true death, Lala to regain his mojo and return to be the Lala fabulous and carefree from S1.

    Bill : I don’t care and I don’t want know.

    Jason can also continue their lives as usual,

    and Jessica to find some other purpose in life than just having sexual partners (nothing wrong with that, but the girl needs something more substantial)

  • Sheldon

    Oops that wasn’t meant to be a reply but a stand alone post. Ah well

  • jayjay

    Would just love to see more of Bill being the great strong character he is. Stop pinning over Sookie (if ya’ll get back together, u will) and be the sexy vamp you are! Love too see him with someone else, and have a great bromance with eric. He is the lead male, get him back out front! :D

    • Sheldon

      I’d like to see:

      1. Eric being his BAMF-self

      2. Sookie getting a clue (just in general)

      3. Russell vs the Authority – please please please

      4. Rev Newlin reeking havoc for 12 episodes

      5. Lala back with his old pazzazz

      6. Pam figuring stuff out and helping Eric rather than running around stealing vintage Cartier

      7. Jason

      8. Eric playing his long game on Bill

      9. Plots that make sense.

      10. Characters behaviour that makes sense

  • NancyJ

    I want to see Sookie waking up and realizing everything with Eric in season 4 was a horrible nightmare. Having been on the rebound from her true love Bill as well as having been tricked by Eric to get his blood in to her (can we say bullit?) she was rebounding. And even if it WASN’T a dream, the girl was still big time rebounding. So in that case I want to see her have regrets about rebounding with Eric of all people.

    Oh, and I want to see Tara being a new vamp and rebelling against it at first. Some great story could come from her being a vamp.

    I want to see Bill and Eric getting along for the greater good and neither going for Sookie. At least for most of the season. And then end on a killer Bill/Sookie make up bang. :D

    • Sheldon

      “Having been on the rebound from her true love Bill as well as having been tricked by Eric to get his blood in to her (can we say bullit?) ”

      LOL seriously? Can we say “rattrays”?

      • NancyJ

        Everything Bill has done since he fell in love with Sookie has been FOR HER. Her safety. Where as Eric (REAL Eric…not fake emo Eric) only does things that benefit HIMSELF. As for the Rattrays thing….we’ve not heard the whole story of that yet. But I’m willing to bet in the long run there was a reason behind it.

        It makes me laugh how all the horrible selfish crap Eric has done can be forgiven by fans and yet Bill is the ‘bad guy’ even though everything he has done….every deception….has been to PROTECT Sookie. Yes, he was wrong for lying to her but ultimately his first thought is HER safety. NOT himself. Who’s the better man in this scenario? No Bill is not perfect by any means and he has made some bad decisions but ultimately those decisions were made with the best selfless reasons. Eric is all about Eric.

        • Jo

          nothing says more “altruism” than letting an innocent person beaten almost to death to give him the blood, is not it? not a question of B vs E, but the most basic analysis of the facts and see for what it is, nothing, nothing justifies his having allowed this to happened to Sookie. I am appalled by the level of rationalization that.
          Although I do not care anymore who’s dating Sookie, this is unacceptable. Eric is not innocent and took the opportunity, but he jumped in front of Sookie to save his life, with the risk of his own. No confusion on this.

        • Sheldon

          He wasn’t in love with Sookie when he allowed the rattrays to beat her to the brink of death. That was motivated by his desire to get his blood into her so he could sense her/track her emotions. Nothing altruistic there. And in that scene his first thought was clearly not ‘her safety’. And IF we get a further reveal regarding the rattray incidient, I will take it on board, but so far, its all on Bill.

          Sometimes I’m not sure we are watching the same show

  • @true2bill

    (1 ) Flashbacks, with Bill, Eric, Pam! And more if possible. Love the flashbacks!

    (2) King Bill & Eric together on the run, escape the true death from the Authority, and search for KRE, to diminish the Authority’s wrath.

    (3) Tara NOT to be a vampire, to be saved by Lafayette’s ability to channel Jesus’ uncle to save her.

    (4)Sam to escape being killed by the weres who are out for revenge for Marcus’ murder.Sam & Luna staying together, protecting Emma.

    (5) Rev. Steve Newlin’s flashback on how he was turned, and by whom, and seeing him try to hook-up with Jason.

    (6) Sookie to stay away from vampires, flirt with Alcide, but not jump into the sack with anyone for once. To find out more about her fae heritage and what that means in her life.

    (7) Jessica to stay loose and independent, using her beauty and her vampire talents to protect herself while Bill is away, on the run.

    (8) Jason to have an uncommitted fling with Jessica, and also find out about his heritage, and if it includes fae DNA.

    (9) The Authority members clashing over their agenda, flashbacks of their history.

    (10) Lot of KRE – being the crazy, bloody, psycho vampire he is, and all the sh*t he starts with Eric, Sookie, & Bill.

    I have more things I want to see in S5, but you only asked for 10!
    I cannot wait – this season is going to rock!

  • sporty360

    Lots and lots of Bill!!! lots of Bill sex!!!! and Bill really needs to stake Eric!!!! get rid of him!

    • Jo

      lots of Bill? you want to sink the show? LOL

  • I thought the best scene with Bill was when he was dressed as an eighties punk rocker. I’d like to see him dressed like 70’s Travolta.

  • NJ

    LMAO! Dream on. I’m with you on the “no emo” vampires. Bloody tears and daily declarations of love does not say Cold and Heartless. I wish that Jason had turned, too but I cringe at what the Panther-man would look like. I’d like to see Hot Shot completely wiped off the map. Calvin Norris was the only redeeming thing about that Hell hole in the books. I’d like to see Sookie single for a while, more skin/less dialogue for Alcide and more of Roman in that snazzy blue suit. *fans self* I’d also like to see Tara not be a vampire or a ghost, she and Sam be reunited and kick Luna to the curb, Steve Newlin be a double-agent for the FotS, Eric have lots of screen time and Laffy have a good hair day. That is all. :)

  • 1. I vote no to Jason turning into a werepanther, someone has to stay (almost) human on this show, thought I suspect Jason (just like Sookie) will be a fairy hybrid as well. I would like to see Crystal die however for having poor Jason raped repeatedly. Off with her head!

    2. I would not like to see Bill at all if I could help it, his character is boring. If I must have to deal with him, it needs to be on a much lower scale.

    3. I want to see Eric and Sookie as a real couple, not just having sex. There is so much the writers could explore with these two and there are squandering the opportunity.

    4. Quinn???? Ughhhhhh, spare me! That’s it, that’s all!

    5. Sookie and Alcide getting it on? Why? This don’t not need to be done and it only makes me think again that the writers (and fans) think that Sookie need a man to complete her, it’s nauseating.

    6. I will take Russell (and Denis) any way I can get him. He is the perfect villain and foil. Bring it on!

    7. I would like Pam and Sookie to be BFF’s but since that is not going to happen since they have made Pam into a jealous, petty vampire who can’t stand the sight of Sookie, I might be able to get on board with this. IF AND ONLY IF, she does not treat Sookie as if she is the gum on the bottom of her shoe. But not completely happy.

    8. I just want to know who turned Steve (I have my specs on this) and what his new agenda is. He changed his tune pretty fast.

    9. I don’t want Chris to be a vampire version of Stabler, he is a better actor than that, he is not a one-note actor type. Bring on the bad ass no-nonsense vampire!

    10. I just want Alcide to go to a land far, far away and never come back. He brings nothing to story at all. Sam can stay as long as he quits getting it on with weird creatures and does not become yet another suitor for Sookie. Lord knows that girl could use someone who is a friend ONLY! Especially now that Tara is most likely a vampire.

    But this is True Blood, I bet none of them are long shots so you most likely get at least 99.9% percent of those wishes.

    • Millarca

      What’t going on here? Get out of my brain, Nymerias. :D I agree with everything you said.

      • Now you know we all think alike!! ;)

    • danielik25

      My words!

    • Sheldon

      We can only hope Nymeria

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